Friday, July 29, 2005

After a long, long time

It's seems like forever since I last posted. A lot has happened.

Saturday July 16: After our long walk, we decided to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Grand Rapids. That is one hilarious movie. When we got home, our parents weren't there. A little later, they came in and told us that they had seen it. They came in with piles of candy and chocolate. -sigh- I was packing for camp.

Sunday July 17: I helped out in the back with the kids along with Jess. After church we went home. We ate. Then we decided we wanted to go to Mcarthy. None of my brothers wanted to go, so I called up Brooke and asked if she wanted to go. She could. We picked her up. We went out to the beach. We talked with Amber Shain through text messaging. It was arranged that she would pick up me and Brooke at my house. We were going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. On our way home from Mcarthy, we stopped at the beloved gas station for ice cream. So, Brooke and I waited for Amber. She came. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Brittany, Natalie, Jason, Little Brian, and Ryan(?). I'm deeply sorry if I missed anyone. We went to Wal*mart. I got a wallet and a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster (being the nerd that I am). After that Amber took Brit home. Then me, or at least that's how I think it was. I'm not sure.

Monday July 18: I woke up early, tried to smuggle fireworks, got them taken away, and then got on the van. I'm just kidding. I did have fireworks in my purse, but it was an accident. We got to camp. Got our dorm. So on and so forth.

Rest of the week through getting home Friday: Nothing really happened. Except Jess got embarrassed, I'm not going to tell you how. I dunno. We made friends with the other girls that Jess Broberg was counseling. Mike was a counsler. Pastor Aaron was a head counsler person. We loved the worship band that was there. The lead singer used to be in One Accord. We got their autographs. They thought we were weird. The speaker was incredible, Ron Rhode. You really had to be there.

Friday July 22 when we got home: We got to see Amber's new car. There was a welcoming committee there. Mike and I were the last to leave. Aaron and the Jilb picked us up. I got my bride's maid dress for the wedding. Actually, my mom got it while i was gone at camp. I tried it on. That was pretty much it for that week.

Saturday July 23: I went to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again. This time it was with Amber, Jess, Brooke, Sydney, and our friend that lives in Grand Rapids, Ian. I spilled my Grape Icee everyone. I still had some left though. After that, we dropped of Ian, and then we dropped off the Williamson's. Then, I'm not sure. That was along time ago for me. I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of details.

Sunday July 24: I packed for my family's vacation. Then I went to church. We stopped by McDonald's on the way home to get some food. We brought it home and ate it. We then waited for our dad to pack. Then we packed the cooler. We loaded up the van and off we went. Our vacation was in Wisconsin Dells. We stayed at the Pleason View. We got our Mt. Olympus tickets free with the room. Well, they were actually wristbands. The first night we didn't go anywhere. We just stayed in our room. We watched Super hero cartoons like X-men and The Tick.

Monday July 25: Around 8 AM, we went to Paul Bunyan's and had breakfast. After we got back,it rained hard for ten minutes. After it was done, we headed for the park. We did everything the first day. We went on almost all the water slides. Mike, Andrew, and our dad went go carting. We also went into the indoor waterpark. After we got back to the room, dad, mom, and I went to Wal*mart. I can't really remember anything. So, I'm guessing we stayed in the room and watched TV.

Tuesday July 26: We had breakfast. Then we went to the waterpark. It seemed like it was closed down. Well, at least the outdoor water slides. So, we just went inside. We hung out there for a while. Everything is kind of a blur. All I know is that later that night we went out to get ice cream downtown. We got to a place called the Candy Kitchen. We all got ice cream. We looked around the store for a little bit. Then we decided to leave. Immediatley when we walked out it started to drizzle. Then it started to rain down a little more. Our van was two blocks away, so we hid under this little roof thing. It really started to come down after we got under that little piece of shelter. We stayed there for a while. Then the owner of the resturant that we were leaning up against tapped on the window. He invited us in. We ended up getting onion rings and fries. And we each got a drink. We also got some salsa and chips. We stayed there and ate the food. Once my dad was done, he ran and got the van. When he came back, he payed for our food and we left. We never felt so happy to go back to that little room. "Hey, you guys look pretty cool. Do you want a tattoo." "Sorry, no we are heading to Wizard Quest." Sorry, when we were walking down the street, we passed by the shop. Some people were standing there and asked us if we wanted a tattoo. We just ignored them. But we later thought that it would be funny if it would've been like what i had in quotations. Try to picture the second line being said like one of the aliens off of Galaxy Quest.

Wednesday July 27: We got up. We packed up. We got our wristbands. The parents went to the family tube slides. Mike, Andrew, and I went to what we like to call the butt slides. It's the slides where you don't use a tube. There was nobody in line. The only people up there were the lifeguards and us. So we just kept on going down. After we went down those a couple of times, we went back to the wave pool. We stayed there the whole time. Just sitting there. My dad and I went on some tube slides. We went down the best one first. Then we went on the one to the left because no one was in line there. We felt bad for making the life guard work. Then we went to the one on the right. After that we just sat there. We sat there until about noon. Then we went back to the van and headed home. We got to Duluth, and we went to the Miller Hill Mall food court. I got an ice cream cone. My mom and Andrew got smoothies. Mike got something from Caribou Coffee. We got home. Cleared some stuff out of the van, and headed over to the Broberg's. I went over to the Pearson's after we were done there. We watched a little of Swan Princess, then we played spin Jones, or something like that. Then I went home and went to sleep.

Thursday July 28: Shattered Assembly had a band practice. We started working on a new song. Jess wrote it. We were figuring out the chords yesterday. Then i came home and we just sat around.

Today: I got up, and thought i should post. And here I am, almost an hour later than I started. And now I'm done. usta!

tootles! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

A long walk

Yesterday, after Mike gave me some quick singing lessons, the three of us (Mike, Andrew, and I) walked to the bank. Both Andrew and I had checks to cash. There I saw my good friend Natalie cashing a check. Oh, and I also saw Travis Johnson if anyone cares. We all got our checks cashed.

Since Mike can't drive yet, we decided just to walk around. We started at the side walk sales. We saw many people, well, three people that we knew, more like Mike knew. Sorry for that run on sentence. Then we went and got some slices of pizza from Sammy's. Then we decided to go to Enchanted Wood.

After we got there, we decided we didn't actually want to go in. So we just started walking. We were debating where we wanted to go. Mike said Wal*Mart. Then I suggested Dairy Queen. We all agreed. So, from Enchantwood, we walked to Dairy Queen. On the way Pastor Aaron honked at us. It was hot. It took us a good half hour or so to get there. Maybe even more.

When we got there, we stalled. I made it seem like I was trying to decide what I wanted, but really I just wanted to stay in the AC. Mike got a Mr. Misty float, Andrew got a Moolatte, and I got a large cookie dough blizzard.

We took a longer way back home. It seemed like it would have more side walks. And we wouldn't have to deal with the highway. I think all in all, it was a good choice. On our way back, we heard someone call out Mike in a very surprised fashion. It was Thomas, in his nice new car. After Mike and Thomas talked for a little while, we started on our way again. We walked down 2nd Ave. At least I think that was what we walked down. All I know is that we walked past the Clair's house and the Devine's house. We saw the plaid car.

When we finally got back to the Side Walk sales, we saw Jenny and Lauren Clair. I talked with them for a little while. Then I caught up with Mike and Andrew. Finally, we made it home. It was about 2:00 when we left, it was now around 5. I just know that we walked for a long time. All in all, it was fun.

My mom got Cotton Candy and Cookie n' Cream ice cream. I was so happy. Mike and I watched Miss Congeniality. Then we stopped for an ice cream brake. After that we watched Phantom of the Opera. I love that movie. Mike had cookies n' cream. I had cotton candy. That's right, nobody cares. That was my day yesterday.

tootles! :)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Mike's home

Well, we went and picked up my mom. On the way down to Minneapolis, i listened to Adventures in Odessey (I still don't know how to spell it) We went through the drive-thru of McDonald's in Cloquet. When we finally got to Minneapolis, we realized that my dad booked two hotel rooms at the Travelodge, it turned out that there was only one bed in each room. And the rooms smelt funny. I think the only thing we really payed for was the TV.

We didn't want to spend much time in the hotel, so, we went to Mall of America. It was nine o' clock. We didn't kmow when it closed. We found out it closes at 9:30. So we walked around for about ten minutes, then left. Our new quest (so we wouldn't have to go back to the hotel) was to find some cards so that we could do something at the airport while we waited for Mike. We went to a gas station. They didn't have any. So, we just decided to go to Wal*Mart. We walked around there for a while. We found some cards, and we got some air freshener spray things for our rooms. That got us to 10:30. His plane was supposed to come in at 11:14. And it did.

We stood by the doors that were next to the baggage claim. When we saw Mike, I could hardly recognize him. Then again, i didn't have my glasses on. I wouldn't have been really able to tell, even if he looked exactly how he did when he left. The first thing i said to him was that our hotel was bad. On the way home, we just talked. He looked at the movies that i brought. When we got back to the hotel room, he gave us the stuff that he picked up for us in Australia. I got a shirt. I really nice shirt. I like it. Our parents were in one room. The four of us were in the other. The four of us talked until two in the morning. We got like six hours of sleep.

Then our parents woke us up and had us get ready to go. We then went to Mall of America, again. This time we only had 40 minutes or so to look around. I got some shoes for Aaron and the Jilb's wedding. Then we went to Chipotle. We were the first ones in. Aaron had a dentist appointment at like three, so everything had to be quick. So, we didn't want to wait in line. I had a chicken fajita. It was good. Except I got some of it on my new shirt from Mike. I was very sad. We watched Finding Neverland on the way home. After the movie was done we just talked. That was pretty much it. There's my story of picking up Mike.

The next day we had a staff family day. It was a lot of fun. Jess and I played with Lauren and Jacob in the water. It's more fun than it sounds. They are both really funny. Nothing really to report. Except that me and jess went tubing. First it was Jess's mom, and my mom. They were hilarious. Then we went on. It was so much fun. Jess fell off a few times, but she fell off for important reasons. Then Jess rode with Brittany, and then i rode with Brittany. That was pretty much it for the time at the lake. Except stretch the playing in the water our to seven hours.

Then when we got back, Mike made us burgers on the grill. I watched some of Miss Congeniality (i still don't know how to spell) and ate my burger. Then i went over to the Williamson's. The Pearson kids were also over there. Jess, Natalie, and I watched Gilmore Girls. Then Mr. Pearson took me home. I came home, and Aaron, Andrew, and I watched Conan' O Brien. Then i went to bed.

Now here I am. lalalala

tootles! :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Going to pick up Mike

My title pretty much explains everything. Today we got the house all ready for Mike to come home. All the rooms are clean. Except for the one I'm in right now, shhhh. It's Aaron's fault.

We're going down right after we pick up my mom from work. Then we'll wait at the airport. We'll stay overnight there. Then, in the morning, we'll head back. I can't wait. Chipotle!!! Mike's on an airplane right now, cool.

Oh, and i suppose no one cares, but Relient K was the musical guest on Jay Leno last night. I can't remember what song they sang. It was one off mmhmm. It was pretty cool.


tootles! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sink or Swim

Today was fun and full of activities.

I woke up this morning. wow. Anyways, i got ready for church. I went to church and i ended up helping with the kids in the back building. It was a lot of fun. We made silly puddy. (or whatever) Then i helped fill up water balloons for todays Summer Survivor event.

I got home, and i ate to salami sandwhiches. Then i watered the new plants we got today. Then my dad picked me up to take me to the church. He dropped me off. Jess and I hung around till it was time to go to the place where the event was being held, Beauty Lake. It was really nice doing a water event on such a hot day.

We got there and began the first competition in Sink or Swim. It was launching water balloons. Three people from your team tryed to a water balloon into some marked squares. The rest of the team cheered. Andrew, Robin, and Amber. The second competition was canoeing. First it was the guys. Since we didn't have three guys (only two) Jess had to go in. They had to paddle the canoe around a marker and then come back and get the canoe on shore. The rest of the team cheered. We got second. Next was the girls. Robin, Kari, and Shalynn (i'm sorry i don't know how to spell) rowed for our team. We took first on that one. OH, i forgot about the real second competition. We had to go in the water and collect fruit. Now, the fourth competition, there were three people from each team who were in a canoe, and three people on the raft. The object was for the people in the canoe to try to hit people from the other teams with water balloons. If they got hit, then they'd have to be out. Jessie, Kari, and I were in the canoe; and Andrew, Robin, and Nate were on the raft. At the end Andrew and Nate were left with two other people from, I believe they were from the Green team. Then the next competition was choosing a boy and a girl from your team to try and see if they can tube the longest without falling off. Matt ripped the tube, so the guys didn't count. Chelsea won for the girls, she's on the blue team. I was still happy for her.

We decided after the events were done that we'd like to swim some more. So a few of us decided to go to O' brian. It was Matt, Brit, Jess, Jason, Brandon, Andy, Trevor, and me. Brit, Jess, and I rode with Matt. We got there before the other car. So we decided to get used to the water, to swim out to the booey (i'm so bad at spelling it isn't even funny, bare with me) Throughout our time there we did that like four or five times. We did some chicken fights and the guys threw the football around, a little. Then after an hour, we decided that was enough. So, we headed back. Jess and Brit got picked up by their mom and the church, and the rest of us got McDonald's. Jason gave me a dollar to get and ice cream cone. Yay. Then Matt brought me home, and picked up Andrew to play cards. And here I am now, posting. I feel very refreshed after the fireworks. Yay.

tootles! :)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

3 more days...

I cannont wait. It'll be so nice having Mike home again. My July is packed. Well, not really. I'm just doing more things than I usually do.

Tomorrow: Summer Survivor!!!

Monday: Getting ready for Mike coming home!!!

Tuesday: Finish up getting ready!!! Go down to the cities!!! Check into the hotel!!! Wait for Mike at the airport!!! Go back to the hotel!!!

Wednesday: Most likely get Chipotle on our way home!!! Get home!!!

Thursday: Hang with Mike as much as I can!!!

Friday: Hang with Mike as much as I can!!!

Saturday: (see previous days)

Sunday: Umm...yeah

Monday-Friday: Camp!!!!!!!!!

Weekend following: Family Vacation!!!

And so on and so forth. I think my summer slows down after that. That's a lot for me.

Yesterday: Didn't do much. Cleaned the house. Oh, then we watched Empire Strikes Back, booyah.

Today: Went to Mcarthy!!! It was really nice. It's 90 degrees outside. Anna was working at the Phillips 66 station today. That's the gas station at Side lake with that awesome ice cream thing. So, yeah. Then i got home, and here I am. I'm posting. There.

tootles! :)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Some better times

I'm feeling a lot better today. I've gotten to hang out with people again. Well, different people, not the same ol' people that were at the fireworks tent. But hey, the people that were at the fireworks tent aren't all bad, it's just that they were the only people I hung out with for a while. Except for watching fireworks in Nashwaulk. That was fun.

Let's see, on Wednesday morning. The Jilb, Andrew, and I met up with Aaron at Carey lake. We stayed there for about an hour. Then we went home and I got ready for Summer Survivor. The Red Rebels ruled yesterday. We did so good. A lot of it goes to Andrew. He did awesome. I won't be surprised if Red Rebels are in the lead next week. Or at least I hope we are. It'll be okay if we aren't. As long as we're in second. We played capture the flag, only it was a bit more complicated. There were three bases that you had to protect. One for the blue team, one for the green team, and one for the red (rules) team. You needed to protect your team banner. You also tried to get water balloons into the trash can at the other bases. You also tried to take other people's waist flags (like in flag football) And then there was a little red flag that you also had to protect. The team leaders got to help by squirting the other team with super soakers. After summer survivor, a few of us went to McDonald's. (Chelsea, Abby, Brooke, Jess, Amber, and a few other people) Then we went over to Craig's. Then Amber gave me a ride home. End of Wednesday.

Today i woke up to a fog. It was really misty out, and it was really cool looking. I tried to take some pictures from inside my room, but the window screen was all you could see. And since it was 5:30 in the morning, i was pretty tired. So I gave up and went back to bed. Then I woke up for real.

I just got back from taking some band pics. They were really awesome. We took them out at Carey lake. It was fun. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the day. I'm sure I'll figure something out. (Or we'll figure something out)

tootles! :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Flippin Fireworks

I hate the fireworks tent. I never want to work at another one for as long as I live. Sure, I get a nice little honorarium for working there, but there's so much stuff I've missed out on. I haven't played on worship team at the rev in forever. Just reading everybody's blogs I know I've missed out on a lot. I hates them. Sure, when Mike gets home it'll be nice to shoot some off. But I never ever want to sell fireworks again. It's just not worth it. There, i've said it.

Well, fireworks are over. I'm never going to see that tent again. When I go to Wal*mart from now on, it'll be for enjoyment. Or, it'll be for getting stuff, but I'll never go there again to sit behind a table till who knows when. Oh, and the customers. Some, I really enjoyed. Some need to find a way to purchase some common sense, not fireworks. -sigh- It's for Mike, and the change bucket thing that'll help send some kids to camp. I'm glad that's over. I'll post again when I have some more exciting, or at least more enjoyable, things come up.

tootles! :)