Sunday, August 21, 2005

Congrats Aaron and the Jilb

Well, everything since I last posted was just leading up to yesterday. The Jilb and Aaron's wedding! We had the rehearsal on Friday. Then the Groom's dinner. Then the parties. I slept through Jilb's. Then Saturday was the big day. I got up at like 10 to get ready. Actually, to eat waffles and then get ready. It took Mike like two hours to do my hair. Then Mike and I went to the church. There he did Shelby's hair, Jilb's maid of honor. We all got ready. Lalala. The bridesmaids walked down the isle alone. It was me, then Jamie, and then Shelby. Then came Chance and Lauren, who were just adorable. Then came Jilb. Her dad walked her down. Then the ceremony. They had Chad and Abby do a song while they lit the unity candle. Pastor Randy had a message for them, and after that, he introduced them. Jilby forgot to take her flowers from Shelby. But she remembered before they walked past the first pew (I don't know how to spell!) Then Doug escorted Shelby out. Mike escorted Jamie out. And Andrew escorted me out. Weee.

We then took pictures. My mom said I look like a muppet when i don't smile with my teeth.

After the pictures we went to the reception. After the flower toss thingy, some of us played a game of Whiffle ball. Only three innings. It was the wedding party against everyone else. Jilb hit first. She got to second. Then Aaron hit a home run. It was nice.

Then we went home. We all went to sleep by 10:30. lalala.

Today we woke up. Wrapped the Jilb and Aaron's presents. We then went over to the house. We watched them open their gifts. Then we ate. Then Andrew and Aaron packed some of the stuff into Aaron's car. I helped a little bit. Then we said our goodbyes. Then, we came home, watched some wedding footage, i felt sick from all the cake, so I went to sleep. And I woke up, and here I am. Posting. Weee. Maybe I'll put some links and pictures, if I feel up to it.

tootles! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Amber's last day

Amber's last day in Hibbing for a while was yesterday. Jess threw a little good bye party. We had a tea party. It was very fun. We also played games, like word scrambles, musical chairs (i won), and grab the paper bag with your mouth without touching the ground with your knees, hands, or butt (in other words just your feet and touch the ground). Jess, Brit, Syd, Amber, Natalie, Kari, and I were there.

That night, Amber had a bonfire. It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of people there. So, I can't name them all. After some people left, we played games, like the Adam's family and scissors. Then a few more people left and there were about seven of us. We stayed up playing psychiatrist. I dunno how to spell it. That consisted of Amber, Mike, Brooke, Chris, Molly, Travis, Jason, and me. Then Molly, Travis, and Chris left. The rest of us stayed there till 1:45. So, yeah. That was fun.

Today I got my hair trimmed and colored for the wedding.


tootles! :)

See ya later Amber Shain

I think we all like looking at it that way. It's not really goodbye, farewell. You'll still come home to visit. We'll probably see you at MYC. So, you're still with us, sort of. It's just that you can't hop in your car and come and pick all of us without driver's liscenses up.

I still remember the first time I actually met Amber Shain. It was down in Justine's basement. I had to guess what your name was. I heard them talking to you, but I didn't want to say some name that wasn't yours and have you look at me weird. I guessed Amber. I was right. Then I thought I knew you're last name, but I didn't want to guess for some reason. Justine helped and said they they call you "Shainerz". That made me more confident. I guessed Shain. So from then on I always yelled out, "Amber Shain!" And you'd say, "Jenni Reini!" We gave up on that after a while. But I've liked hanging out with you. We had some great memories. I'm sure we'll have more when you visit.

tootles! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ode to Jessica

I have to admit, I have had a lot of fun this past week, but I can't help think that maybe it would've been better if Jess was here. She's my best friend in the whole entire world, and it just seemed like her and Syd should've been at Valley Fair. They did a lot to help our team. I wish Brit could've gone too. I was going to write a song for Jess, but I'm not very good at it. Well, I guess I could try. Here it goes:

Ode to Jessica:

Jessica, my best friend.
We've had our ups and downs,
but we knew we would be friends in the end.

She wasn't there this week.
I missed her bunches.
So my fun, wasn't at it's peak.

It would've been a blast,
to go on those rides,
I hope she comes home fast.

Jessica, my best friend,
to the end.

There. It wasn't that great, oh well. The rhyming was kind of dumb, but i tried.

Well, not much has happened since I last posted. I went to a surprise bbq for the Clair's. Then a few people stayed out till 2:30 AM watching meteors, and wishing on shooting stars. Then Natalie, Kari, and I went over to Chelsea's at like 2:45 AM to watch Return to me. We stayed overnight. I got home. I went for a walk with Natalie, Kari, Brooke, and Amber at around 8 PM. When I got home, I watched the end of Star Wars: A New Hope. Other then that, nothing.

tootles! :)

Friday, August 12, 2005

A day of screams

It's been a week since I last posted. I had a lot of fun in the past week. So, here we go.

Saturday August 6: I honestly can't remember what I did.

Sunday August 7: Last Summer Survivor Event. It was city wide Capture the flag. All three teams had a house where they're flag was. We all had a driver. The driver drove us around where ever we told them to. They also six little flags around town. There were two little flags in each territory. You couldn't claim the flags in your territory. We found two of the four little flags available to us. No one captured our big flag, but we didn't capture any other flags. After the game ended, we ate at McDonalds. Then we went to black light bowling or whatever. When we got back they added up the scores. Then they brought us all into the room and showed us the scores. The Red Rebels won!!!!!!!! Free trip to Valley Fair!!!!!! We left around eleven to go to Chelsea's house. Maybe it was earlier then that. We watched the Sandlot. Robin, Brooke, and I stayed over night.

Monday August 8: I felt sick in the morning. So I went home. I slept pretty much the whole day.

Tuesday August 9: Can't remember (I should post more often so I can actually remember)

Wednesday August 10: Nothing. I was supposed to lead worship at the Rev, but my throat was sore and I had a plugged up nose. So I played keys.

Thursday August 10 Valley Fair Day!!!!!!!!: I woke up at 5:30. I got ready. Then we drove to the church. Robin and Kari rode with Andrew and I. My dad drove, and my mom was also in the van. Amber, Mark, Angel, and Nate rode with Pastor Aaron. I'm sorry if I forgot someone. Please comment and tell me so that I may make changes. That was who went from the Red team. Chelsea also brought people. She brought Brandon, Anthony, Chris, Brooke, Natalie, Molly, and Steph G. When we got to Valley Fair. A few of us went on Wild Thing right away. I thought I was going to die on the first two drops, but after that, I loved the ride. Then we went on Power Tower. Then we went on the Northern Lights. It's a small ride, but there's barely a line. After that we went on Steel Venom. That one has to be my favorite. We saw Pastor Aaron and my dad after we got off. So we went on it again with them. I can't remember when, but we also went with them on Power Tower. Chris, Brandon, Steph, Brooke, Molly, and I went to the other side of the park. That's where the water park was. We ran into Mark K. and some other people. Somehow, they convinced us to go on the water ride that puts you under water falls. We got soaked. After that we went on Northern Lights a few more times. Then Brooke and I got in line with Brandon to go on Wild Thing. We saw our "friend Jerry". He didn't really talk to us. We ended up on the same train as him. Brandon was sitting right behind Brooke and I. It's fun to look behind you on that ride for some reason. When the ride was pretty much over, we saw Mark standing in line. Then we got some Dippin Dots and waited with Liz for him to get off. Chris, Mark, Liz, and a few other people went over to Power Tower. I wasn't done with my Cotton Candy Dippin Dots. So Brooke and I stayed back. After we were done with our dippin dots, we decided we would go watch them on Power Tower. It was funny. I guess you would've had to been there. We had half an hour left when they got off. The line was really short, so we got in line. I sat imbetween Brooke and Mark. Chris was on the other side of Mark. It was a lot of fun. Everything was a lot of fun. After we got off of that, we had fifteen minutes left. So we headed to Steel Venom. In line, I kept asking what time it was. We had to be at the gate at six to leave. When we were next in line to go, I asked one more time, Chris said it was six. It was too late now, I was already up there. Right before we got in our seats, Chris said, "Oh by the way, it's really 6:06." It was worth it. It didn't even matter that we were like ten minutes late to the gate. Then we went home. That's it. Brooke and I went on our three favorite rides three times. I might also add that those were the three rides I thought I would never ride in my whole entire life. Wild Thing, Power Tower, and Steel Venom. After going on Wild Thing and Power Tower, I was still afraid to go on Steel Venom. It turned out to be my favorite one.

Favorite phrases of the day: Swords and Holy Shnikies. haha Oh, and *stop* "ahhh!". "AAHHH!" "This is the best ride ever!" (sorry, most of these are inside jokes, so just ignore them.)

tootles! :0 "Ahh!" :)

Friday, August 05, 2005

I felt like I was actually there

Yet again everything is a blur. With summer going to quickly, I just don't want to miss any of it. So I don't post that often. Well, I guess it's only been three days.

Wednesday: Went to worship practice. Then a few Rustproof people and me and Mike went to McDonald's. We decided we wanted S'mores. It was drizzling out. So we came to my house. We watched the Count of Monte Cristo. Jaci and Brooke were also there. They didn't go to McDonald's. Brooke stayed overnight.

Thursday: Brooke's dad came to pick her up. Did nothing. I slept. Woke up for dinner. After dinner I went to play tennis with my mom, my dad, Aaron, the Jilb, and Natalie. Afterwards we went home. Magically Brooke and Jaci appeared at my house again. J/k They went on a walk with Mike. Mike, Jaci, and Brooke went to pick up a vehicle. Natalie and I stayed back at my house and Natalie played some Peanuts on the keyboard. When the three got back, we had ice cream. We talked for a while. Then everyone went home.

Friday (hooray!!!): It was awesome today. The reason Mike had to pick up a vehicle was so that he could pick up some of the people at Sr. High Camp. I got to go with him. We got some McDonald's and headed on our way. We watched Fellowship (LOTR). I guess I never actually thought of how incredible this actually was. I thought we would get there as everyone was leaving. Shove some people in the vehicle. I also figured that they would not be at all surprised to see us there. Let me tell ya, it was waayyy better than that. We got there. We got there early. We went to the beloved sanctuary chapel. We got there while they were announcing who won for the week. The guys from our church were on the winning team. After a song, everyone was dismissed. Most people were going to lunch, but our youth group was going to get food on the road. The first person I went to see was Amber. I yelled out Amber Shain and ran and hugged her. Of course, she was surprised. Then Andrew like left the building, so I went and yelled Andrew. He too was surprised to see me. Next I saw Brittany. We jumped around a lot. It was whole buckets of fun. No one really expected to see me there. I didn't get to see a few people that i wanted to see, but I did see one person that I didn't really want to see. Chelsea actually came up to me, I didn't go up to her. I was looking for her though. Chelsea, Brittany, and Amber rode with me and Mike. We watched the Incredibles. It was really fun today. I loved being back there again. And I loved surprising everyone. I was at camp for like half an hour or so. I loved it.

Oh, and in case Kari is reading this, I did see Kyle today.

tootles! :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I can't believe I'm posting at this time

It's either really late at night or really early in the morning. I figured, I should post so I won't have to do another super long one. Let's see...

Friday: I can't really remember what I did on Friday. Which probably means I did nothing. If you remember what I did, please tell me.

Saturday: My family left for a family reunion. I stayed home because I had to do things. (Since everyone was gone, I had to ride my bike to the church. Natalie and I decided on Thursday that we would want to ride our bikes there. Brooke decided to come to.) One of those things was going to another Shattered Assembly practice. We figured out the chords to the chorus of Ever Think (Jess's song). Then we had a summer survivor event. It was minature golf. Then a few people went over to Brooke's house. It was Brooke (duh), Amber, Brianna (for a short time), Matt, Brandon, Opie, Craig, and me. We played psychiatrist. Then Matt, Brooke, Brandon, Andy, and I decided to go jump in the Wilcox's pool. We called Trevor first to see if it was alright. And it was. We picked up Andrew on the way. Matt, Brooke, and I ended up being the only one's that went in. It was one degree above freezing. It seemed that way. Once you go all the way in, it's not so bad. Brooke and I stayed in there for a good half hour. The rest of them played cards. After Andy won, we went home.

Sunday: Amber, Chelsea, Andy, Trevor, Brooke, and I went swimming. It was a lot of fun. That's it. How exciting...

Monday: Today. I did absolutely nothing in the morning, except for watching taped Apprentice shows with Mike. Then I went to Brock's baseball game. Jess came over afterwards. We watched Father of the Bride part one and part two. We started watching them at nine. That is why I am up. It is now 1:16 AM. I must be out of my mind. I'm going to sleep.

tootles! :0