Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm Batman

Okay, I will continue on with the story. We headed back to the Jilb's house. There we decided that the storm was past us and we should just come back here to my house. So, we did. When we were driving out of the driveway, we came upon a fallen tree. How exciting. On the way home, we talked about different things we could do if, for some bizzare reason, the tornado appeared right in front of us. We got to the house, and watched 13 going on 30. The Jilb and I were parranoid. We thought that someone was in the house. Since it was just the jilb, Andrew, and I; and Gina was at the tent, so no one else was home. We kept hearing creaking sounds. Well, we finished that movie. Then we watched Galaxy Quest. At 2 A.M. was when we got to sleep.

The next day, which was yesterday now, we helped out at the tent. We found out Aaron had returned from Bemidji. The only thing worth mentioning was that we finally got to see Batman Begins, starring Christian Bale. The other movies i've seen him in was Little Women, as Laurie, and Newsies, as Jack. I will never forget the name. My friend Jess and I were watching the Newsies (at Pk retreat if anyone cares) and we couldn't figure out who he was. So, we watched the whole entire movie practically ripping our hair out because we couldn't figure out where we had seen him before. Then, we saw the credits. It said Christian Bale. We're like, "Who the heck is that?" The credits didn't help. So, we were telling our case to Jess's sister, Brittany. She said, with little thought (meaning she already knew where we has seen him before) "Wasn't he in Little Women." So Jess and I screamed "Laurie!" all the way back to our room. That was a little of the subject, I apologize.

He was really good as Batman. I think it is the best Batman movie. How many are there anyways? I know I've seen four, well, five now including Batman Begins. Aaron and I have decided that it is between Harriet the Spy (yech) and the LOTR series. I think that sums it up for ya. I think it is leaning more towards Harriet the Spy. Just Kidding. Please stop me from ever saying that again. I would definetly say that it is closer to the LOTR series. It was very dark. Nothing really bad was in it, just a few frightening images. I thought it was really cool. Plus, Christian Bale is the bomb. Please give me your comments on the movie...

Today was the next segment of Summer Survivor. My team got in last. But that is okay. We have been doing well in all the other ways that you can get points. To find out more about it go to

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Randy Moss

Well, the fireworks tent is up and running. We opened last night. Last night was VERY eventful.

So, the Jilb and I decided that she should stay over here last night. We would watch a movie. We heard that there was severe weather moving in. The Jilb had to get some stuff from her house. So, we helped put down some of the flaps on the tent. We got to Jilb's house, and Andrew and I waited in the car. The Jilb came out and told us that there was a tornado in Grand Rapids and that it was heading this way. So, we went inside the house. We turned on NBC. It said that there was a tornado in Kelly Lake heading towards Hibbing. We called my dad at the fireworks tent. He seemed extremely calm. The Jilb's mother on the other hand, was kind of freaking out. The house didn't have a basement, so we went over to the neighbors. The neighbor wasn't home. On to the next neighbor, we went. We barged into the house and went straight downstairs. It was kind of funny. I was getting worried, and I was thinking the whole thing was hilarious at the same time. The news said that it would be in Virginia at 10:20. It was getting to be about that time, so we headed back to the house. continue tomorrow.

tootles! ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stupid Heads

I can't really remember when the last time I posted. Well, what I posted about anyways. All I know was that Mike was confused about Odessey. Now, imagine me saying this really slow so that you can catch everything. They used to have Adventures and Odessey in the back of the Olive Branch. Now the Olive Branch and Nutrition Land have formed one store. They are now where the Circus used to be. The new Olive Branch/ Nutrition Land is called Body and Soul. The new Body and Soul doesn't have Adventures in Odessey. I'm upset.

The fireworks tent is all set up. Even though we didn't have the flaps up, and there was no indication that we were even open, at least a BILLION people came in. We had to say a BILLION times that we are not open, but we will be on Friday. We were thinking of making some signs that say, "We're NOT Open, Go Away, We Don't Even Like You, FRIDAY!" Most people would be confused at the Friday part, but that's okay. After everyone left I called them "Stupid Heads" like Nina does on Lilo and Stitch. Except for she wasn't trying to get all these fireworks open and on the tables.

It makes you wonder if that's what other tents are like. They're flaps are down, they just keep everything in BROWN BOXES! That's what I really don't get. Here Andrew, the Jilb, and I are putting together these red boxes for the tables, and these people STILL come in and seem like they'll just walk past these "silly people on the ground putting together big red boxes" and buy a whole brown box of something they don't even know what it looks like.
"Yeah, I'll take the one that says 'Checkered Flag'."
"Sure, you can have it, for like $200."
"Um, I'll have the that says 'Blaze of Glory'."
"Hey, we'll give you that one for the low price of, $500."
"Why are you guys so expensive."
"Well, you sir, are an idiot, is that enough for ya?"
"Well, yeah, I still think you guys are overprised."
"Get out."

So, yeah, I can't wait until we actually start selling. Then we won't have to say, Go away, Stupid Heads.

tootles! :)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Four Companions (so far)

I think I have figured out four suspects of the car incident. I'm still not sure how many might have done it. I'm not going to say any names. Two of them just gave themselves totally away. The other two were kind of suspicious. Well, that's all I'm going to say for now...

Now, my daily update. Wednesday: I don't think I did much of anything in the morning, oh wait. I went to Duluth. I totally forgot about it. I was promised a music book, calendar, and a hoodie. I picked out a "Peanuts" music book. We ordered a star wars calendar from a booth at the mall. I'm going to cash in my hoodie card around the start of school. Then, we got home. I had just enough time to just glance at a few of the songs that were in the music book. Then I had to go. Worship team practice. We had another Summer Survivor event like thing. I didn't particaipate this time. I'm kind of glad I didn't. After the service, Matt came over to play cards with Aaron, the Jilb, and Andrew. Once the game was over, Andrew, Matt, and I headed over to the Williamson's for a bonfire. I was all over the place. Sometimes I would walk with Brit. Sometimes I would be by the fire. Sometimes I would be at the basketball court. Then sometime around eleven, I went inside the house. Jess, Matt, Andrew, and I talked about camp and other things. It was about one when Matt and Andrew left. I stayed over. Before we went to sleep, Jess and I just talked about how weird it will be without the guys at camp. Then, we fell asleep.

Today: I woke up. We had some pancakes. Jess and I checked our email. Mrs. Williamson took me home. Aaron and I went to Wal*mart, then Body and Soul. I didn't buy anything. When we got home, Aaron and I watched Andrew play Solitaire. How fun. Here I am now. That is the events of the past two days. Well, past day and this morning.

tootles! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

To wrap up my birthday...

Well, I think I have given up on Plaid Power, sadly. I only post on this one. I think I gave up hope on Plaid Power when my most recent post didn't get any comments. That means that, most likely, that no one goes there any more. I feel kind of bad about that. We all seem to busy to post on that one, yet I seem to have enough time to post the super long posts on this one. Oh well, once people comment on Plaid Power, i will go and make another post.

So, my birthday. It was two days ago. At church, Pastor Randy announced that it was my birthday. Then, after church, I opened my gifts. For Mike (in other words, so that he knows what i got) I got a shirt, capris, a gollum action figure, aaaannnnndddd (drum roll please) A BOX OF KRISPY KREME DONUTS WITH CHOCOLATE ALL TO MYSELF BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, i've eaten two of them. My cake was a stack of regular Krispy Kreme donuts. I also get to go down to Duluth on Wednesday. OH YEAH! I also got a Phantom of the Opera music book. I think everyone in this house are sick of all the songs except for me, :) I also got the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack from Aaron and the Jilb on Friday, along with a shirt from Jess, and Walking With Bilbo from Brooke.

Let's see, after i opened my presents, the parents went to Grad Parties. Aaron and Andrew went to softball practice. Me and the Jilb (it's so much more fun to say it that way then the proper way) played knob hill, and i started looking at my music book. We all just hung around until the older people decided that they wanted to play tennis. So, that's what we did. Then we went to McDonald's. When we got home, we listened to the answering machine. Mike called twice. I was very sad that we missed ya mike :( Dad even tried getting a hold of him. So, it's not like we just didn't pick up the phone, Mike. After last time we didn't pick up, i don't think it would ever happen again. So, thank you Mike, that was a gift to me. Then we watched Lawrence of Arabia. I stayed up half way through the second half, then i couldn't take it anymore. I went upstairs and slept for 14 hours, not even kidding.

I woke up at 3 PM then next day. We didn't do much of anything yesterday. I just pretty much got up today. I saw Aaron's celeb all wrapped up. I went down and told him. If you know anything about who did it, please comment. Aaron would like to send them a thank you note.

tootles! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

My Birfday

Today is my birthday, as my title suggests. I might post twice today. It really depends on what happens today. I'm sorry, Mike, that i haven't been posting everyday, but lately I've been busy.

The last time I posted was on Tuesday, so, The Events of Wednesday: pretty boring. Except for Summer Survivor. But, my team didn't do the best, so it wasn't that fun. My only hope is that my team will rake in the points. You know, you can get points for giving to STL, and registering. That was pretty much it. Oh yeah, i spent from noon till around 8:30 PM at the church. Brooke and I helping setting up. Then we wanted to play cribbage, so we made our own deck of cards. That was awesome.

The Events of Thursday: At around fiveish, me and the jilb walked over to where her mom works. Then we went to Virginia to pick up my mom. Then we headed to Duluth. There we waited which seemed an eternity to me, but finally we were seated. Me and the Jilb split some dang quesadillas. Then my mom, Jilb's mom, the jilb, and I shared some fried ice cream. After we were done eating, we went to David's Bridal. Jilb had to get her dress fitted. We found the brides maid dress in my size, only a different color. I tried it on. It fit. So my mom ordered it in the right color.

The Events of Friday: I cleaned all morning. Then at noon, the jilb came over. We went grocery shopping. More like, snackage shopping. We got home and made cupcakes. At around four my friends came, Brooke and Jess. We just sat around a bit, then Aaron called and said that we could play whiffle ball at Bennet Park. We played for six innings. The other team one, oh well. When we got back to my house, i opened my presents from my friends; and Aaron and the Jilb. Then, thanks to Dominoe's 555 deal, we ordered six pizzas. The Jilb, Jess, Brooke, and I played some games. We then waited for it to get dark. It finally did. Sam Fisher, we played.
Then we ate homemade oreo mcflurry's.

The Events of Friday Night/ Saturday morning: Jess was a riot. Jess, Brooke, and I were playing notability. Then Brooke and I got tired, but Jess kept on going. She had to play every card until she got back to the beginning. If she came a cross a song she thought I would know, she played it, and if i liked the song, I'd play it. We did that for about an hour. Long story short, we stayed up till three.

The Events of Saturday: Grad Parties. (Well, the Jess and I did do something in the morning, but I'll get to that later) First, my mom, my dad, and I went to Jake Helstrom's grad party. I stayed there with the Williamsons while my dad and mom went to Wal*Mart. Then they came back for me, and we went over to Bobbie Jo's. After that, Chelsea and I went back to her house. We then went over to the Pearson's. There we watched Sense and Sensibility. I came home, and I worked on the song. That's what Jess and I did, we worked on our band's first original song. As I like to say, our self titled song, for our self titled CD. I worked out the bridge, then i typed it out on the computer. I printed it out for Jess. Then I stayed up till midnight watching my brother play the video game Sam Fisher. (Splinter Cell)

The Events of this morning: "Well, that's what she gets for having her birthday on a Sunday," says the mother. That was the first thing i heard when i woke up this morning. My dad leads worship, so he has to leave at seven in the morning. My mom tried to wake me up a half hour before i got up. I had no idea. We usually open presents in the morning, but now we'll have to
open them after church. That's okay with me. I really don't care. Now I'm up, once i get up it's
hard for me to fall back asleep, so here i am at 7:47 AM on a Sunday, on my birthday, posting.

So, that's what I've been up to. I'm not going to be as busy lately, so I'll post more often. That
might be a lie. I haven't decided yet. I think i will try to go back to sleep. If i don't, I might just
be really tired at church. I hope that is good enough, Mike. If i don't post everyday till you get
back, maybe i could just post about each day as i get the chance. I think that will have to do.

tootles! :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Well Here I Am

Thanks to Mike's comment, i'm going to post. I'm going to post about the concert. How did the concert go? you ask. I respond,"It went well. It's just that the lazy good for nothing sound ppl could've messed up the whole night. They were never really paying attention. They were busy texting and laughing when they forgot to turn on a mic. See, they didn't turn on Jess's mic, so we just sat there patiently waiting for the people back there to get their act together. I surely hope that at the Winter Benefit concert thingy that they have better sound people." There. We had some good reviews from people. Well, a lot of people said that we did good, that is. And, as i kind of said, Mrs. G. wants us to play at a benefits concert with NO PARKING ANYTIME!!!!!!!!!!! So, that is how the concert went.

What have i been up to lately? Finishing up school. It ended on Thursday. I had my friend and my cousin over after school. Well, Jess walked home with me after school, but my cousin didn't get there till 7. Then a few ppl came over to play whiffle ball. I had a really bad ear ache, so i didn't play. I got the earache Wednesday night/thursday morning. I didn't come out of my room until Jess, my cousin, and now brooke were going to watch a movie, The Phantom of the Opera. So, i decided to get up for that. I then decided to go up to my room and sleep a little. I went up during the part when Christine was walking in the grave yard. Then my cousin came up and scared me half to death. I asked her what part it was at, and she said toward then end. I went downstairs, and there were my two friends. They were sleeping. So i decided to turn off the movie. i ended up falling asleep in the living room. The next day, my earache was getting really bad, so when my cousin and friends went to the high school to finish up some unfinished business (plus my cousin who lives in Kansas wanted to see the high school) my dad took me to the doctor. I had an ear infection. I got some pills from the drug baron and we went home. My cousin was still there, my friends had left. So, me and my cousin hung out, until her parents came to pick her up and bring her out to the grandparents house. They asked me if i wanted to come along, and i thought, i won't be able to hang out with her for a while, so i quick jotted down a note, and left. Well, my grandparents had a fish fry, so my parents and Andrew came. Finally, as the night was finishing out there, it was agreed that my cousin could stay at my house one more night. So, we came back to the house. Andrew, my cousin, and I played Cribage (no idea how to spell that) Then we came up with a game called Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) It's kind of like flashlight tag, only you play it indoors without a flashlight. After that, we watched Aaron play the actual game Splinter Cell on the Xbox. Then in the morning, my mom took me and my cousin to McDonald's for breakfast. Then we headed to the grandparents house. We stayed there a lot longer than i thought we would. Then, after being there for hours (which was nice because i got to hang out with my cuz longer) we said our goodbyes and me and my mom left.

On Sunday I played Keys for worship in the front building. That was cool.

Yesterday, i went to the softball games. Then we played whiffle ball here.

Today, i am posting.

What's up for the summer? A lot of things.

This week: Today, i have an ortho appointment. Tomorrow is the start of Summer Survivor at the REV!!!!!!! Thursday, i get to try on my dress for Aaron and the Jilb's wedding, yay! And i get to eat at Little Angie's, yay!!!! Fried Ice Cream!!!! Friday, is my b-day party. That goes into Saturday. Sunday is my actual b-day. Then i think i'm doing absolutley nothing for the rest of the month. Well, nothing that is planned anyways. da month. MIKE COMES HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those two things are the highlight of my summer. Oh, the last week of June into the first week of July, my family is selling fireworks. woopdeedoo... Then there is August, Aaron and the Jilb are getting married. I can't really think of anything else that is happening. But that is a big thing, so yeah. That is my summer.

Hopefully i will post more.

You know, i can't say a single phrase without thinking of a song. My title, Here I am Lord tonight, with my arms opened wide. Won't you come inside. There i've said it.

tootles! :)