Thursday, September 29, 2005

We are the Techies

Well, as some know, I'm a techie for the school fall play thingy. Yeah, it's Arsenic and Old Lace. What we do is go around and get things for the actors. We have to get props (hankerchiefs, trays, boxes, beef broth bucket, etc.) and costume stuff (hats, mostly, just hats, hundreds of hats.) So, yeah, I've discovered some rooms in the high school that you really don't think about. Passage ways that you never had to go down before. I'm just glad I'm not an actor or actress. We just sit around while they have to do what they have to do. We also get to laugh at them, sometimes. They have to do some pretty embarrassing (and sometimes comical without meaning to be) things. Some know what I'm talking about.

And you only have to stay till 4:30...

tootles! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Here's a picture

Here's a picture of Mike, for Mike. lalala.

tootles :)

Monday, September 26, 2005

See ya later Amber 2

Well, as most of you know, Amber Shain came for a visit this weekend. She surprised us all Wednesday. She said she was coming on Friday, well late Thursday night, but she came during youth group.

So, it was fun having her here. On Thursday, Amber, Jason, Steph, and I hung out with the Pearson's. On Friday, we went to the game. GRIMEBOMB! On Saturday, I helped clean the house and baked brownies. Then Dave, Ryan, Jaci, Amber, Kranny, and Jason came over. We watched the Last Samuri. Then we played four guys on a couch. Then Brooke came over. We played a few more games. lalala. Most of them stayed till like midnight. On Sunday, after church, we went to Sammy's. Then we went back to the church for Shattered Assembly band practice. Then we went to the flag football game. Then cell groups. Then the Williamson's. I got home around 2. lalala. Then I woke up, read some mindless books. Then I read a few chapters out of Pride and Prejudice. Then Andrew and I cleaned the kitchen. Now here I am. lalala. I also got a camera. Once I figure out how to put pictures from my camera to the computer, I'll post pictures.

tootles! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pk retreat

-sigh- You know I can't remember things very well. Well, some things. Like I can't remember what I did on certain days imbetween my last post and now, but I remember things that happened a year ago. Here are some key phrases that come to mind from last year, "This chair has wheels on it!" "It likes your pop!" "-cough- -spit orange pop everywhere-" "Who the heck is Christian Bale, that doesn't help at all!" Yes, indeed, those were the best of times. Well, it has come again.

A select group of us started waiting for this special weekend, well, lets say, since we got in the car and left last year. This event is Pk retreat. Pk stands for Pastors Kids, and I am a Pk. duh. Well, let's start with the Friday...

Friday: Woke up, made sure I had everything packed, then went downstairs. Andrew and I walked to school. I was there since 7. So, I waited for Jess and the others to show up. I went through the day, very boring. Then, it came. The end of school. My parents were bringing Jess, Brit, Syd, Andrew, and I there. So, we all hopped into the van and went.

We just listened to music a lot and talked. We sang songs, together, and separatley (to see how high Syd can go). We sang Freedom is Coming a few times. Then, we finally got there. We got our room number, good ol' 115 (and if I'm not mistaken, that was the same room we had last year).

We went back out to see that Mark, Liz, and Ian were in the lobby. We stood by a wall that became known to us (made up by us) as the Hibbtown wall. It was the coolest one there.
We did things, we did a lot of things. We sang Freedom is Coming in the lobby. It was really quiet except for us. Either people thought we were really good and wanted to listen to us, or they were glaring at us cuz they couldn't hear what the other person was saying. I sure hope it isn't the latter. Liz decided to stay in our room instead of in the room she was asigned to. She slept on the floor. I think we might have decided that later.

Well, we headed up to the third floor of the retreat center. Last year, the services were held in the Sanctuary, this was a conference room, I was worried. Well, it went good. Pastor Kirby is a very funny person. Bazooka's, who knew?

After that we had a pizza party. This had some revalation to it, I had never heard Ian talk so much in my time knowing him. He was laughing is head of sometimes. It was kind of gross, it would roll on the ground and we would have to help him attatch it back on his neck. Sorry, that was stupid. I don't know why I said that. Yeah, imbetween having to find his head, I taught Syd the cup game thingy, I don't think she ever stopped doing it the whole weekend after she caught on. Well, neither did I, for that matter.

Brit, Ian, Syd, and I went over to the sanctuary to watch Princess Bride on the big screen. We were wondering where the rest of our little group was. They were playing basketball, figures. We went in the gym sometimes, then we went back and watched the movie. The whole night was like that. Then Jess, Liz, and I went back to our room. At least I think so, I can't remember. Well, on our way back to the movie from our room, we were running for some weird reason. And, I didn't know that a certain wire was there. Jess told Liz to watch out for something. And, I didn't know what she was talking about, so I triped over the wire, so every time we past by it, everyone had to say, don't trip over the wire. -sigh- People can be so cruel. We can? Yes!

We played lightning a few more times, then we headed back for our rooms. When we were in our room, we had a bright idea that we should try to pull an all nighter. We were going to watch movies. We tried two of them and they weren't working, so we gave up on that. We played Spin Jones instead. Either you know what Spin Jones is, or you don't, so don't ask, and don't tell. We ended up going to sleep around 4.

Saturday: I woke up at 7:51. I know that time, because I woke up two minutes early. Why did we set it for such a weird time as 7:53, cuz some bizzare person that stayed in that room before us set it like at 6:53, so I changed the hour not the minutes. Plus, it has two awesome numbers in it. Well, the alarm didn't go off, so I went "beep, beep" No one heard me, so I waited for everyone else to get up. We hit Liz with a pillow. We then went to breakfast. Then we went to the service. Maybe. It was held in the sanctuary, yes! Yet again, another good service. I love the worship time.

We went in the game room for a little while. That was fun. After that we had to get going to the go karting place. We rode on the bus this year. We got on it earlier so we could actually sit by each other. It was fun. I was in line with the rest of them for go karts, but we miss counted, so there wasn't one for me, so I just sat out. Then we mini golfed. Last year Jess got five hole in ones, this year, she didn't. She had a different gift this year, but that will come later. Jess got the highest score out of our group of nine. I got the second highest. After we were done with mini golfing, a few of them wanted to go on the other go kart track. I didn't even get in line. After they got done, like an hour later, we saw the bus starting to pull out. So, we ran and caught up, we were separated somewhat.

Then, i guess we hung out some more. Before the evening service, we played Ring around the garbage can. The game is there's a big garbage can. It's in the center. Everyone links arms. The object of the game is not to get rammed into the garbage can, or break the chain. Mark jumps high. He jumped over the garbage can at least five times. I was one of the last four people. Then I got out. Then there was service again. Good worship time, good message, and good alter time.

When service ended, we headed back for the bus. To go bowling. The bus ride was fun and entertaining. We tried to get Ian to do Jerry Gourd. Then Syd did her, how high can she go on Phantom of the Opera. Some where in that bus ride we did Freedom is coming again. Then we stopped. They figured out it was the wrong place, so, back on the bus we go. We did the "I say Captain you say Crunch! Captain!" "Crunch" "Captain" "Crunch" thing. We finally got to the bowling alley.

Well, our little group of ten couldn't get a lane. Well, there were five girls and five guys, and we couldn't get two lanes. Finally, they got us a lane. They guys had 28, we had 30. The guys were Andrew, Mark, Ian, Caleb, and Caleb (I don't know how to spell their names). The girls were Jess, Syd, Brit, Liz, and I, as usual. That was a whole bucket of fun. Jess got a turkey and a half. That was her little gift I was telling you about. Then Andrew tried for the Pefect (gutter ball) game. He got three pins down. We were disappointed. The guys were the "feel good" bowlers. I'm sure at least some of you know what that means. Then the lane imbetween us closed, so we got to be by the guys. I got really nice bowling shoes, it didn't look like they were used very much, it was nice. I didn't do bad, but I didn't do good either. Nuff said.

The way home was pretty much uneventful. When we got back, they started the newsies in the sanctuary. It was just Ian, Brit, Jess, Mark, Caleb, and I who watched it from our group. We were all dead tired by the end. It was about 2:30 when it ended. Somehow, our door got locked. We tried to pound on the door and wake Syd and Liz up, but it didn't work. So Mark Dean got a guy with a master key to unlock it. Liz slept walked a little bit. It was funny. Then we all went to bed.

Today: We woke up, really tired. We went to the lobby, then we went to breakfast. After breakfast, we packed up our rooms. Then we went to service. Yet again, it was great worship, great message, and great alter time. Then it was lunch. Then we waited around a little bit. We went to the game room, I beat everyone at least one time at carpet ball. Then Ian, Liz, and Mark left. Then Jess, Brit, Syd, and I walked around a little bit. We played tether ball. Then right when we got back, my parents showed up. The ride home, was the ride home, much quieter then the way there. We went to a really bad Dairy Queen. We got back into Hibbtown, dropped the Williamson's off at their house, then went home.

There were people in my house. It was Brooke, Chris, Ryan, and Dave (?). Chris and Brooke got me to go to a SYATP rally. It was soooo boring. Except for at the end. At the end, they wanted people to go up and say some things about SYATP. Brooke and I went up. Brooke started laughing. Then we told about how camp has SYATP on Wednesday, and that we usually go to it. Then Chris went up and talked about something that happened at MYC, and that SYATP can help witness to your friends. Then they showed a somewhat funny clip. Then we got to leave. Now I am here, missing pk retreat.

What I mean by we did things. It could include these.
1. Going to the park. Usually, we watch Mark do something that he says is easy, but we could never dream of doing it. Well, that is except for Syd, who did it on the last day after they left. We also went on the swings there.
2. Game room. Played carpet ball, duh.
3. Played lightning in the gym
4. Kept going back and forth from our room to other locations, sometimes for no apparent reason.
5. Talked in the lobby for a little bit. Sometimes played stupid games, like moo, the adams family, and psychiatrist. And, a newly learned game, Extreme Spoons, only we played the version Extreme Markers. Ian, Mark, and Jed are mean. But it was truly funny.

Assumed things:
1. Andrew was always listening to his iPod, and (or) singing.
2. Before every service, they gave away prizes. I could've won some if I would've brought my wallet. Jess, Syd, and I won a prize for saying the Missionettes code.
3. Also, before every service, Mark Dean would read off a list of "You know you're a Pk if..."

It was an awesome time. I can't wait till next year...sigh...

tootles! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

We love you!

Yes, if you have gone to Chelsea's blog, you have already heard the story. But I figured I'd tell it here too.

I started school on Wednesday, not very interesting. But on Thursday, Chelsea called me up and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the soccer game with her. I thought that would be delightful. So, I went. We cheered on the cheerleader. :D And imbetween cheering, Chelsea would read her Greek mythology book to me. Right after the story where some guy got his head cut of and his eyes on Peacock feathers, something, well, to me funny happened. There I was, listening to Chelsea reading her book. I was trying to pull out grass by the roots. All of a sudden, I felt a soccer ball it my leg. It hit my leg, hard, according to some people. I looked up just to see it go back on the field. At least I didn't have to throw it to anyone. Everyone was asking if I was okay. My response, "huh, yeah -shrugs shoulders-." I guess people thought it hurt.

Well, after that happened, a little bit later, Mrs. Williamson came with Jess, Syd, and Brock. Jess and I went over to watch the Varsity team play. We wanted to watch the rest of the game, so Chelsea offered to stay with us. I guess she wanted to see the game too. Well, Jess was waiting for one of her friends that was on Varsity to come over to where we were standing. It was taking forever. So we decided just to leave. It just so happens that we pulled out behind the GR bus. Well, most of them didn't have shirts on. So, in the not-being-able-to-be-heard-by-people-in-the-bus car, we yelled things like "Get some pants on!" I yelled, "Stupid-heads!" Well, it was all great and stuff, but as I said, they couldn't hear us. Well, we finally passed them. On guy said, "We love you!" We replied, "Get some pants on!" Yes, it was great. Then feeling hurt by our remark, "You girls suck." I'm glad they thought that way. And if Jerry is reading this, you should talk to some people on the Varsity soccer team. They are messed up!

tootles! :)

Monday, September 05, 2005

You're really weird...

That I am. I am weird. It's been a little while since I last posted. So I can't remember what I've done since then. So I'm not going to try to recap it. I will only say what I did today. That rhymed. You can take that one to the bank.

It actually started in August. I think it might have been August 11. On our way to Valley Fair (hehe), we stopped at one of those areas where there are a billion fast food resturants everywhere. And it just so happens that the one you want to go to is the farthest away. So I ended up going to Burger King. As I was walking out, something familar looking caught my eye. Yes, it was Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. For, by this time, I had already seen it three times. But this was different. It said Omnimax at the top. So I grabbed another one for Brooke (I obviously knew she would want one if I showed her.) And as a I predicted, she asked, "Where did you get this?" "In there. (points to Burger King then shudders)" She starts heading for the door. "Ah, not so fast," I yell. She turns around. In my hand, I hold out another copy. I doubt she still has it. Well, anyways, I showed my dad and said that it would be cool to see it there. I didn't think anything of it, until today...

If you haven't already guessed, I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today. (well, you should know what i'm talking about since i said Willy Wonka and Johnny Depp) According to the ticket, I went to see Charlie and Chocol. It's a touching story about how Charlie meets up with his old friend Chocol, and they have all sorts of crazy adventures. Chocol is made out of Chocolate. That chocolate came from a chocolate waterfall, and so on. I'm sorry, that was very weird and stupid of me.

Well, anyways. We went to see it at the Omnimax theature in Duluth. Those of you who do not know what that is, it's like the Palucci Space Theature, only much bigger. It's a big, round screen. The roundness was the problem. It made everything, curved. I thought it was funny. Somehow it fit with the bizarreness of the movie. I might be the only one who thought that. This being my fourth time seeing it, I knew the movie pretty well. So I was just looking at the backround and stuff. It being so big, you could really notice things you might have missed before. Or, was not possible to see before.

1. Tots are part of their meal at the end. Mrs. Bucket scoops some on to one of the plates.
2. Willy Wonka's cane is filled up with some sort of candy. Mike and I guessed Nerds.

3. Johnny Depp is wearing contacts. You could actually see them (well, Mike could)

So there. Some of that you could've just read off the internet, but you could actually see them on the big screen. haha.
I can't wait until it comes out on dvd. Then we can watch it non curved. (on our somewhat big screen, hehe)

I will always go back to that Burger King on remember...