Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Promised Pics

Well, here ya go. The pics from our root beer (and Batman Begins, lol) party....

I think out of everybody, i'm the most evil, duh. scary...

tootles! :)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I am not a winner...

Yeah, the title says it all. I just got the idea from my dad's blog.

I'm going to post some pics once I get home. I'm at the library right now. We didn't have to do anything for tech today, so, we left. haha.

Well, on Friday, a few of us went over to the Williamson's. There was six of us. I remember that cuz there were just enough root beers for each of us. We watched Batman Begins. It was Jess, Syd, Brock, Kari, Mark, and me. Props on the treats. They were great. Reese's and Twix, my fave. Then we went into the house for a bit, and hung with Brit, Chelsea, Amber, Natalie, and Mrs. Williamson. Then Chelsea and them took me home. Since there wasn't anyone home but me and Mike (and Mike was at the coffee house), I decided to take Mr. Erickson's advice and have a party. Actually, I just had the four girlies over to my house, lol :D We watched Ever After.

On Sunday we had a hayride. That was really fun. There was a calm trailor, and a rowdy trailor. I wasn't up for being rowdy that night, so Jess and I entertained the front trailor with some singing. That was fun. We also sang Freedom is coming and Hark how the Bells with my dad and Andrew. That was pretty sweet.

Monday was All Saints Day Eve. Yuck. We turned off all the lights, so we just had one group come. They were some girls from my English class. They knew I was home. So they still came. Yeah. I ate all the candy, bwahaha.

The rest of the week was boring.

tootles! :)