Friday, May 26, 2006

A fantabulous day

Theoretically, this fantabulous day started yesterday.
Yet, I'm going to start on Wednesday.

Wednesday night: I lead worship. But this time, we opened with No One Like You. Now, why is this important. Well, it was the first time we ever did this song. And I played guitar! Yeah, for those who don't know me, that's kind of a big deal. See, usually, I could strum out a few chords. But this time, I started the song with guitar, and I lead. So, yeah, that was a great expierience for me.

Thursday: My day went crappy. I was so nervous during the day. School was just boring, and there were a lot of things that i was dreading. With the end of the year coming up fast, there's a lot of final projects, among other things, due. I haven't done a lot of it. So, yeah, the school day was simply awful. Dreading and getting nervous for a lot of things. Then came after school. It was dreadfully hot outside. So, Mike, Andrew, and I were sitting in our living room dying of heat.

Then, came Aaron and the Jilb, the first thing that made the day better. We chatted with them. They, meaning Andrew, Aaron, and the Jilb, decided to go watch E.T. I went upstairs to figure out what I was wearing. I took a shower, threw an outfit together, and got all "purdy." After I was done with all that, I went downstairs to watch the movie with them. Ouch...

Andrew somewhat got ready and we headed to the school. While waiting for everyone else to arrive, I talked with someone that I haven't really talked to since first grade. It was...interesting. I got bored with that, so I went and talked to Andrew. He ran away from me. It didn't matter, because we were starting warm ups. My choir practiced the one song that we were doing. After that, a whole lot of things happened. Everyone from all the choirs started showing up, so the choir room, was in fact, sauna. So, I left. Than I saw Natalie. We talked. The "someone" asked Natalie if she needed help with the amp she was using. So, we followed that "someone" to the stage. He helped Natalie out. Than, after that, everything is just a blurr. We went down to the choir room again. Than Brooke came and thought she didn't know the chords. So I had to help her. I got back to the choir room "in time" to practice my small group song. I can't remember who exactly, but a bunch of us went up to the auditorium after that.

I won't mention what we did when "someone" walked by. hehe. So, I went to sit down in my spot with my choir. Seven o' clock just seemed like it would never get there. There was talk of jumping off of a high spot if it didn't come soon. It did. The anchor choir got up there. We sang. Lonesome road girls danced backstage during Barbara Ann. Lonesome road girls got confused when we should go on. So I said, let's just go. So, we did. It was fine. We sang. It was the best we've ever done that song. Woohoo. We sit down. Then, I start freaking out. The songs were good this year. Than came to the Folk song section. That was the section right before Intermission. Intermission was when Shattered Assembly plays. I had many fears. They were all calmed down when we got back stage. No one was moving the piano, and the boomstand was right next to it. phew. Jess and I jumped around a lot. We prayed. We always pray before we do anything. We went and waited for UUBA (I think that's what it was called) to finish. We talked with the people backstage. That's usually the most fun we have. UUBA finsihed there song, Jess and I jumped some more. (s'more) Than, it was show time.

We went out there. It felt pretty good to actually be doing something again. This moment that I was so nervous for was finally here. And it felt great. We went out there. Technical difficulties, of course. That is quite alright. It was during intermission, so people were outside getting refreshments and other things. Jess and I tired to entertain while they got the bass ready. That was fun, well, at least for me. Finally, we start the song. It was awesome. It felt so great. We did a clapping thing when all the instruments came in. We hadn't practiced that during school practices, but we did clap at the youth group. I'm glad we did. It just gave it that extra push. I looked over at Mrs. Stoddard sometimes. She had the biggest smile, and she was clappin right along. That was really nice. We finished. People cheered. We umm...did a bobbing bow, where everyone bowed at a different time (not on purpose) And we ran off. Everyone backstage said we did real well.

Natalie asked me to go to the other side of the stage with her. I kind of got separtated from the other girls, and I didn't want them to wonder where I went. So, I caught up with them. Told them where I was going. Then I went to the other side of the stage. I found Natalie and Chelsea in one of the dressing rooms. They were practicing Kiss Me. Chelsea had to leave for the Senior thing. So I stayed with Natalie backstage. We talked with Mrs. Berg. That was fun too. haha. Then I went back down and sat with Brooke and Jess. We listened to the songs. We cheered loud for pretty much every song. Especially the Sister Act song. The concert ended with an awesome West Side Story medley. We all met out in the hall, as always. We waited around for Jess to appear. In the mean time, we saw Mr. Zieske and he told us that we did a good job. Brooke couldn't believe it. Then Jess and Britt appeared, and we took our band picture. Then we walked home. Andrew and I found that dad put in the air conditioner :D We watched some tv shows. Then I went to bed.

Finally today. I woke up, the sun was shining. I didn't want to get up, then I realized it was the last Friday of school. I got up. My dad told me that Shattered Assembly could do the "offering" song at church, then back up Abby as the worship team. He said that he would talk it over with Abby today. I never got a chance to tell Jess, or Brit.....or natalie. In other words, I just told Brooke.

I got to first hour. There was Rachel with the biggest smile on her face. She said that it had worked out, me and her are going to be in Concert choir next year. I guess you need to know the whole story. If you want to, you can read it at the bottom of the post. For right now, it's just important because that was one of the things that made today a fantabulous day.

Then I got to the dreaded second hour. I have photography that hour. The dark room hates me, so it means i never get my projects done. I had four more major projects to do. It's not like I had any "minor" projects, it's just that, everything we have to do is a major project. So, I decided that I would do dark room stuff. Usually I would do the things you have to do in the classroom, but then I figured, I could always come in during lunch to do that stuff. I headed back to the dreaded dark room. It was nice to me. I accomplised two of my four major projects. One was a negative sandwich (you make a 8x10 picture out of two negatives) and one enlargment (8x10 picture). You're usually lucky if you can get one done, let alone two. So, yeah, I'm pretty pumped about that. I got some complements about the pops concert in the dark room too. So it isn't entirely a bad place...

The next hour I have Honors English. I really like that class. Ms. B. seems to like us better than the regular english class. That makes me happy. We did our trivia (she asks us a trivia question each day) we wrote in our journals, and then we did grammar. I didn't get any wrong on the assignment. Big woop. That was sarcasm. If you didn't catch on. We haven't done grammar with Ms. B. yet. I think I like her teaching better than anyone else's. Yeah, so we got a grammar assignment that's not bad at all. Than we watched Much Ado About Nothing. I'm really enjoying that movie. It was an all together great day in English today. (it usually is, but today was really nice).

Lunch. We had domino's pizza like we do every Monday and Friday. But today is the last day that we get it.

Spanish is my next hour. We had our final. Wasn't that difficult. I didn't know some things, so I somewhat logically guessed. I looked the words up when I was done. I got them right. OH yeah!

In science, Mr. Erickson gives us a piece of paper that we can fill up with notes. We can use the paper on the final. I finished writing my notes today. I'm feeling so relaxed today.

Choir was fun. We sang some of my favorite songs from yesterday. Including the one that Andrew and Tony sang. And we sang one of my favorite Kelly Clarkson songs.

Now that we are on the subject of choir, let me get back to the Concert choir issue. It's not like we're special in a "choir" way. It was because our schedules wouldn't allow all of our classes. Rachel and I are in the honors math "program." There's only one honors math class. The class just happened to be at the same time as Bluejacket choir. That is the all girl choir that Rachel and I were supposed to be in. Well, Mrs. Miller called us down to her office. (She's been talking to me more through Rachel though. I've only been to her office once. ) She told us what was going on. It didn't look as though Rachel and I could join Concert choir. She said she would see how many of us this affected, and then she would talk to Mrs. Stoddard about it. So, it turned out that it was only the two of us. So, Mrs. Stoddard said we could join Concert choir. That is a big deal to me. I've been wanting to be in Concert choir with Andrew for two years.

Another thing to note, in every single class someone was telling me how good we did. It never got old :D

So, all in all, everything turned out fine. Now, I must say. That everything that turned out just right I have prayed about. I have been constantly praying. I pray about every day while I'm walking to school. That is my quiet time. Today, I prayed about being in Concert choir. Today, I prayed while I was developing my pictures. When I first turned them over, they were very light and underexposed. As I was developing, I prayed. I closed my eyes and prayed. When I opened them, they were just the right shade. Of course, we prayed before our performance last night. But I have been prayed constantly. And all my fears have been diminished. Everything has turned for the better. It's not like I haven't prayed before, and it's not like I'm going to stop praying, it's just that, in these past two days, so many of my prayers have been answered. And that is what made today a fantabulous day.

tootles! :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

To be in preschool again...

I helped out in the preschool last week. You get to make the coolest things. I miss being little.

Just an ordinary piece of paper...

and some stickers. Right?


It is infact a fish.


I also got my ipod nano on Thursday. It's totally sweet. I have a bunch of CD's that I want one or two songs off of. So I load the whole CD and just be happy that I have the whole CD on itunes lol. It's named Li'l Penny. Oh yeah.

Happy B-day Kari!

tootles! :)