Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here is my post for June.

It's very hot in the room within I am posting, so this was one is gonna be quick.

It was my birthday this month. I am the dancing queen. I also took the ACT two days after my birthday. That was whole oodles of fun. It was kind of an interesting experience. I felt like I was actually doing something for once that is working towards my future, which is a crazy thought. Colleges are going to look at that and determine how smart I am. I hate that a piece of paper (or piece of information on the piece of paper) is going affect (is it affect or effect? I don't care. The test is over) how they think of me. They will have never met me. They won't be able to figure out that at times I can be very witty and have a whole butt-load of common sense. Come on!

Anyways, my birthday was fun. I got up and opened my presents (which is still my favorite part of the day. I don't care how old I am). Then Brooke (round of applause) came over and hung out before we headed down to Duluth.

Here's the story behind Duluth. My mom had some big meeting thing there, so we thought that it would be fun if the whole family went to Duluth and met her for dinner. So my dad, Brooke (who is an honorary part of the family), and I headed down first. We shopped for a bit before Mike came up behind us and scared us half to death in American Eagle. He, Aaron, the Jilb, and Andrew had just gotten to the mall and Jill and Mike decided to go to American Eagle. Then the spotted us, Mike snuck behind Brooke, and well, scared us, I guess.

We shopped for a bit more and then met my mom and my dad at Little Angie's Cantina down by Canal Park. It's one of my favorite restaurants for the single fact that it serves my all time favorite dessert, fried freaking ice cream. (No, freaking is not part of the name.)

So, it was an awesome birthday. I got to buy a bunch of clothes, pick out Brooke's present that she gave me, and got a music book.

Aha, and the greatest gift of all (well sort of, okay, not really) was that the Celtics had the greatest come back in NBA history against the Lakers because it was my birthday. They did it for me, and you all know it. So there.

I just got back from my family's vacation down in the cities. Just go to my dad's blog and read all about it. He did an awesome job summarizing it all up for everybody.

Oh, by the way, Superchick came out with their latest CD yesterday. I think all of you should go out and buy it. I know I'm going to.

Oh yeah, and my bestest friend in the whole entire world got a new blog. So, you all should check out Jess's new blog, cuz I actually changed the link so it will take you right there. :D

tootles! :)