Thursday, April 28, 2005

Surrender (today)

Jess and I sang Surrender again today. As some of you know, we sang it for the Rev last night. Well, today, i went up and asked our choir director, Mrs. Giombetti, if she wanted us to do our song at one of the rehearsel's. She said, are you ready? And i'm like, yeah. So she said that we should do it today.

Well, we did. Everytime i looked up from the piano, I saw everyone's mouths hanging open in pure amazement. Okay, i'm exaggorating. But they did look pretty shocked. So, believe it or not, I actually started playing and singing with my eyes closed. I think i was half praying that what we were doing and singing would effect everyone in that room in some way. I sure hope that prayer was answered.

When we got done, you should've heard the applause. I was expecting a quiet little, well, that was good i guess, kind of applause. It's kind of hard to explain what is sounded like. It was soooo cool. Well, afterwards, I couldn't go two steps without someone blocking my way and saying how good i did. Actually, that was pretty much. It's nice to get praised once in a while. As long as you don't get a big head about it.

tootles! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mrs. Bore-land (real original)

Wow, reading other ppl's blogs puts me in the mood to post. I'll get on the computer, and think, i really don't feel like posting. Then i go through my normal list of blogs. Then all of a sudden, once i'm done reading, i just feel like I want to post. It's amazing.

Well, what happened today? (Didn't i say that in my last post, weird) Nothing much. We took some big reading test thingy. It's the kind that are supposed to take up 3 hours, but really all the classes get done in like, at the most, an hour and a half. So, you just sit there thinking, why on Earth doesn't Mrs. Borland just let us talk? All the other classes do actually get to talk after everyone is done with the test. But not my class. We just sat there. We were supposed to bring a book or something to work on. I brought a book, i didn't really care if we could talk or not. There's no one of interest in my class, so why talk? It would've been nice though if Mrs. Borland didn't keep yelling at the other kids to stop talking. Or not to talk loud during our "stretch breaks." We couldn't even move around the classroom during the "stretch breaks" It was kind of dumb.

Let's see, what else did i do today. In gym, we had more test thingys (what's up with all the tests?) It was the sit-up kind. I did pretty much the fourth worst in the class. That didn't surprise me. A lot of them were cheating. Why cheat? I don't know. After that we played bomb-the-medic, without the bowling pins. We only had like 15 minutes left. So, our team was kicking the other team's butt, cuz we got the medic down. So, they were trying to hit the backboard to get the medic up, there was only three ppl left. All of my team was still up and trying to hit the three people. Well, one of them got a lucky shot into the basket. Well, i thought, Ha! That was a good shot, but it didn't hit the backboard, the medic is still up. Well, Mr. Sibell said that the team that was about to lose, won because they got it into the basket. We've never used the rule! So, i started strategizing. I thought, we should get our medic out on purpose, and get a certain guy on our team to make a basket. He was making them from that far away yesterday when we were just sitting around. But we had to start getting ready to go.
I think it's an unwritten rule to yell out who the medic is once you figure it out.

tootles! :)

Monday, April 25, 2005

I've saved both of them

I have now saved both of my blogs. If you want to find out how, go to my other one. I don't feel like explaining it now. It's

What did i do today? Hmmmmmmm, short term memory loss. DORY! Anywho, my science class went to the planetarium. It was more than a little boring. Usually the whole time your there, they do that thing where they spin that ball in the middle and the stars go around the room really fast and make you head spin, but this time they didn't. This time they actually tried to teach us something. Imagine that! -sigh- They only did the spin thing at the end. I was dissappointed. My shoes, socks, and pants got all wet for nothing. (it was raining today and we walked there) And the next class i had was gym. Arg. The only good thing about gym today was we just sat around shooting basket (or at least trying to) While we took that stretch test thingy. I did horrible as always. I hate running. They always have those dang heaters on in the track that makes you mouth and lungs dry so you can't breathe. And i have a cough. Running is the worst.
Running in gym is the loset. Running in gym i hate the most. (try imagining that it rhymed)

tootles! :)

Friday, April 22, 2005

Bible Study

I'm back. I guess it feels good. I don't know if i'll ever post on my other blog ever again. I hope it doesn't die. I like good ol' plaid power. Invisible Existence is a really cool name if you think about it. Hey, if you want, why don't you give me your thoughts about it.

Well, i'm going to bible study at 6. We always do something afterwards to, at least we want to. There's only been one meeting so far. But we did something after we were done. Actually, we did a lot of things after we were done. Actually, no. We hung around the church wondering what to do. Then we went to Wal*Mart to get some snacks. And we headed over to the Pearson's house. (sorry, i don't know how to spell their last name.) Yeah, it was fun last week. We had a good dicussion. To find out a little more, the leader of the bible study had a blog. Yeah.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hey :(

I'm feeling kind of down. -sigh- I had a chance to spend 3-4 days with my best friend down in the cities. Well, at first i didn't want to go cuz of a big test or whatever that we're taking in math. But then, i started liking the idea of taking the test with my best friend a different day. So, i thought, i think i'll go. But that also meant that my brother would have to go. He didn't want to. That crushed all hope of going. Well, on the bright side, i don't have to make up any work or the test. Oh, that reminds me, i have to have my parents sign something before they leave.

(it means example, teehee)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Starting Out

If you are reading this, i don't know how you got here. You probably know i have a different blog, Plaid Power. How come i started up my new blog, i felt like it. Lol :D I don't know, i guess this will be where i post some of my other thoughts. Maybe i'll make a theme blog. I haven't decided yet.
What's up with the name? Well, me and one of my friends came up with that name for a band. I thought it was pretty cool.
If you have any ideas for the theme of this blog, just let me know. Only, i'll pretty much be the only one coming to this blog for a while.