Sunday, October 23, 2005

MYC: One Life One Chance <->

So, yeah, I got back from MYC yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Around 25 or so teens went from the youth group. Our speaker was Herbert umm...can't remember his last name. He was really good and funny. Except for the first night, we couldn't hear him. We were in the worse seats in the whole place. It wasn't that we were far away, it was that we were up in the balcony, on the side of the stage. The sound echoed off the walls towards us. So, we put up with none stop echoing. We got better seats for the second service. All together, there were 3 services.
Jon Reine lead worship. Worship was really good. I really liked it. They played a lot of good songs. Including, one that Jon wrote (or so I've heard, and it makes sense). I don't know what it's called, but they played it on the iCamp videos.
The first night, we stayed after service to see the Grits concert. It was better than I thought it would be. Jess, Brooke, and I (and a few other people) stood somewhat close to the front. When it go to a certain song, we got out and went to a place with more room. We did this so we could do the "Costa Rican step." It was fun. There was even one of the camera guys taping us, but we didn't get onto the screens, oh well. After we did that, we went to the balcony again.
Our free time consisted of walking around the civic center mall thingy, going to fast food places to eat, and watching TV in our rooms. We also went around to other people's rooms (and watched TV, lol). On the last night, a little group of us went to Perkin's. The people who stayed at the hotel were either swimming or playing Xbox.
The last day we went to Mall of America. We spent the whole time looking for our friend Ian. Now, I know what your thinking, "Yeah right. You guys are "smart". MOA is huge, there's no way you're going to find your little, tiny friend." Now, of course you smarter people are saying, "You had a cell phone." And they are right. But the freaking cell phone wasn't working. Everyone else but us had a signal in there. We passed by hundreds of people chatting it up on their cell phones. Not us. It seems that everyone in our youth group, except us, saw the person we were looking for. Oh well. It's alright.

Meeting up with a friend....(stupid Spam town)

Herbert Cantrememberhislastname...

Our little friend...

Yeah, we know it's spicy Brooke, you don't have to eat it...

Jess thought it was funny...

Deedee, Moe, and Rooney (the Doodlebops) were our honorary roomates. (In my room was Natalie (room leader), Jess, Brooke, and I.

tootles! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Before Leaving...

Tomorrow is MYC, as most of you know. That is Minnesota Youth Convention. We're leaving (my youth group) tomorrow at 9. So, I'll probably be busy for the rest of tonight and tomorrow before I leave to post. So I decided I would post a picture.

This is the group that was at my house when browny arrived. He was the bell of the ball.

tootles! :)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Browny :D

Well, everyone who reads Jill's blog on a regular basis knows that they came home this weekend. It just so happens that Mike and I were having people over that night. It included Jess, Brit, Syd, Natalie, Mark, Kari, Brooke, Jason, Matt, and Graham. If i'm missing anyone, please tell me. We were gonna watch a movie. It ended up being Jaws. I listened to Brooke laugh histarically (i don't know how to spell that) when whats his face was being eaten by Jaws...that scared me... At the time, Jess and I were upstairs playing with Browny. We thought the bunny was really ugly on the computer, well, at least one picture was... He turned out to be really cute. Here's a pic of browny....

tootles! :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A red tree

Nothing interesting has happening. Same ol' same ol. So, i decided to post a picture.

It's fall. And yes, this is from Mike's blog...

tootles! :)

Sunday, October 02, 2005