Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bizzaro Year

Well, the year is coming to an end. For today is New Year's Eve. I was just looking back on how truly weird this year has been. So many changes. And the thing is, all the changes just waited and said, you know what, i'm gonna happen in that year! Okay, well, of course there was a chain reaction for somethings, but for others they just happened on their own. For my own purposes, I'm going to make a list. I'll try to have it in chronological order, but that won't last very long. If you think of any, just comment. :D

~The begining of last year. The start of a new year is really bizarre. Okay, it's really not. I just couldn't think of where to start.
~The Friday before Winter Break was canceled (okay, I know that wasn't this year, but I can't think of anything for some reason)
~We became DDR maniacs. And then, we stopped. We haven't played for a while...
~I went to the Vechell's house. That was weird. That house is crazy big (okay, this is totally in a random order, I'm not even trying anymore)
~I went up to random people during the Duluth East/Hibbing Freshman choir exchange festival day thing and semi talked to them. Which is a big deal, for me.
~Oh, I went to Prom Alt. That was pretty neato.
~We went to the superchick concert on Jess's B-day :D I totally talked to Matt Dally.
~I was in a crazy awesome drama where I broke a mirror from 200 yards away, with a cell phone. That's long distance brooke, but how bout the power, to move you. I'm sorry, it was more like seven feet away. But that is still pretty good for me.
~We made an awesome snow sculpture at winter retreat. I will say no more...
~We all found out that the Williamson's were moving.
~The Broberg's were leaving too.
~I didn't take piano lessons this past year.
~My dad went back to McDonald's.
~OH, haha, I was in a play called Just Desserts, where I had more than a couple lines. That's what made that bizzare.
~Aaron won all of us iPods :D Li'l Penny
~We went to District Counsil with the Broberg's.
~Shattered Assembly was totally interviewed for the paper! That was exciting.
~Oh, I took an art class. Photo to be more exact. That's just weird cuz that was pretty much the only class that I thought I would never take. I ended up enjoying that class very much.
~I created and lost my fish nemo. Oh wait, there it is...
~Shattered Assembly did a fantabulous job at the Pops Concert 06 (according to everyone the next day) That's always really exciting and really nerve racking...
~I watched ET. I thought I would never do that. Man that thing freaked me out when I was little. (As the story goes, I wouldn't go on the ET ride with my brothers, but right after that I went on the Jaws ride.)
~We got the best game on the planet.
~The Boof! (I'm sorry that only about five of you get that, and only three of you were there...)
~Cotton Candy for all!!!!
~The new movie theater opened up! When the movie was over, none of us actually believed we were in Hibbing :D
~Natalie and I ran the face painting booth for the choir at Mine and Pines for a bit. And I actually didn't make the childrens look hideous with my drawings.
~Haha, we also went busking.
~Lindsey stayed with us for a couple weeks. That was totally cool, cuz Lindsey never gets to spend that much time with us. And we weren't at each others throats by the time she left. We were actually quite heart broken when we had to part :(
~We got sent home a day early from camp! That was so bizarre. It was the first time in camp history. Oh, and this was bizarre for us, instead of staying in lady land, we stayed at the lakeview center. I think that's what it's called anyways. We were an epidmeic :D
~I went to Valley Fair and wasn't freaked about going on the rides. Okay, maybe just a little bit :D
~I played guitar and sang for worship team. Like, at the same time. As I've said before, that's a big deal, for me. Especially on a song like No One Like You.
~Of course there's getting a new Sr. pastor and Youth Pastor. Pastor Dave and Pastor Ryan.
~There was Brooke connecting with her long lost friends. A lot of that was just trying to convince her to talk to certain people, and finding out that certain people's girlfriends aren't going to kill her with a spork.
~I dyed my hair for no speicific reason.
~MYC was different. We went with Pastor Ryan. We had internet. We listened to Mike's iPod. Someone tried to take a pic of me, which was kind of backwards, cuz we wanted a pic of him a couple years ago at camp. Chelsea came for a day :D
~Oh, mike and I got hooked on LOST. We watched the first season within three days, then we did pretty much the same thing with season two. Now we can't wait for the next part of season three.
~Shaleah is having triplets.
~Jilb is having a little baby.
~We went to Aaron and the Jilb's instead of hanging all day at the grandparents for Thanksgiving.
~Amber, Brooke, Britt, and I went to Sparta for the rest of winter break. (We didn't have a real countdown to the new year :D )

Well, just comment and tell me anything I missed.

tootles! :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Charlie Brown Tree

We were so close. We almost a bought a tree this year, but no. We ended up getting another tree from the grandparents house. Sigh, it's not a bad little tree...

tootles! :) (I wish I had a little keyboard like Schroeder. He seems to always have it with him...)