Thursday, April 27, 2006

Prom alt (among other things)

I had a very eventful weekend.
Friday: Shattered Assembly was interviewed for the paper! Fun, fun, fun! Keep a look out for the paper in May. It'll be out some time before the Pop's concert.

Saturday: Prom Alternative 2006 (Hollywood!) ! Yes, yes indeed. Tons o' fun. I don't like writing, so I'll just put pictures up.

Shattered Assembly.

The whole group outdoors.

A picture inside.

The rev girlies.

Amber Shain, amber shain!

A picture of the Williamson's and Reini's. I won't quote Brittany.

Out of towners...(minus Nick)

I thought this was a nice pic of Matt and Jess.

Here's a picture of us. I don't have the "real" one on this computer.

what a nice picture of Andrew and Natalie.

Eric and Jess on the bus.

Natalie and I getting ready to bowl. Love the socks Nat :D

Mary and Natalie :D

Spin Jones anybody?

Our very own Uncle Rico.

I was quicker on the draw Brooke. Bwahaha.

Guess what movie tha tis? (haha, tis.)

Mike has gone off the deep end...

Ian with his beautiful date Brittany. (Hey look, a tv)

And Mark with his. Sorry, that was mean, rude, and uncalled for. (hey look, a tv)

Jess and me. This was the hundredth time we tried to take this picture :D

Me and Britt. (hey look, a tv.)

The happenin room...

Things got kind of out of control...

and they knocked Andrew out.

They deny it though.

Go Super Nanny, get those kids into shape!

Matt is the number one bowler?
What is this world coming to?
An end?
Yah, that's it.
Wait, he was on my team...yes!

So, who would you like to thank for that award?

All hail the over lord! (but where is his queen)

Oh, he found her :D

Amber handing out pics at the end of the night :D, and umm...luke?


Sunday: (Well in the wee hours of the morning, I got home from Prom Alt.) Mike, Andrew, and I put in Mr. Deeds. I fell asleep. Four hours later I woke up and went to church. I was actually wide awake. After church, we left for the cities. We had to go to District Council. It's in the Cities. The AG pastors in MN get together and talk. Then on the last night, they have a liscencing/ordination service. Well, actually, Andrew and I weren't apart of that. (Though we did go to the serivce, and for those who care *cough* Jess, Brooke, Syd, and Kari *cough* I saw Kelsey, Jonas, and Kyle (the girlies know which Kyle I'm talking about. I don't know if the rest of you do...) ) We sat at the hotel. We discovered shows that we can't watch on our three little stations we get at home. There was a lot of eating, sleeping, and watching TV. That's my idea of a good vacation. On the way There and Back Again we listened to Narnia. (Thanks to the Langner's and somewhat Mike) The way there we listened to The Horse and His Boy. On the way back we listened to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We dropped off and picked up Gina from Doggie Prison. Then we got home. (This was Wednesday) We were all pretty tired, so we didn't go to church. We watched Yellow Submarine while doing our homework. Weird. Then we watched Kidnapped...woohoo! This one's for Brooke...

tootles! :)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Film Fest '06 (and the rest of my Easter Break)

So, everyone knows. Aaron won the film fest. Our family was showered with ipods. I didn't do anything, and I still got one. Now pretty much every one in our family has one (my parents are sharing one.) So that's pretty neato. Here, I'll post some pictures that you've already seen a million times.
The film that won was Prelude, starring Aaron and Rupert.

Aaron and the Jilb after Prelude was announced the winner. Jilb was in it too.

Here we are for a little celebration dessert. Andrew...died somehow.

That all took place on Wednesday, our first day off for Easter break. That morining, we went to Dairy Queen with Jason and paid in all change.

Thursday, I think we watched the Incredibles. I can't remember anything else.

On Friday was the Good Friday Service. That morning, we went to the Coffee house to check out the new cappucino maker. Then we headed to Caribou, Walmart, and JCPenny (not necessarily in that order.) Everyone that was supposed to be on the worship team wasn't avaliable. So it ended up being my dad, Brooke, J.W., and me. I played the keys and sang. That was weird. After the service, my family went to the coffee house. Originally, I think was supposed to be so that they wouldn't have to run me and Andrew home. My mom drove Andrew home anyways, but then they came back. It was a blast. Being at Rustproof always is. I ran the counter for a little while. I chatted it up with Brooke, Ryan, Mike, Sara, and whoever seemed to be passing by. Then Brooke, Sara, Ryan, and I went to play foosball. After we got tired of that we headed downstairs for some karaoke. Then I had to go home. It was around midnight.

On Saturday, I woke up to find Aaron and the Jilb. We ordered pizza and watched Pride and Prejudice. Then they left to go somewhere. I can't remember what I did for the rest of the day. Probably something boring. Oh wait, I think I talked to Brooke. Oh, we watched Cinderella Man. It's a good movie. (Happy B-day Syd)

Then Sunday, of course, was Easter. We woke up especially early, because it was also Mike's Birthday. He opened all his presents (which were a bunch of stuff for his ipod) then we looked for our Easter baskets. I found mine in two seconds. I got an awesome coloring book and socks w00t w00t, and of course mountains and mountains of candy goodness. Then my mom and I went back to sleep while the boys went to the church. They all had to do something. My dad and Mike were on worship team, and andrew was running the projector. We took thirty to forty five minute nap, and got ready to go. We went to coffee groups. Then we went to the service. My dad had a great message. Then we went home and went to the Grandparents house. We stayed there for a while. Then we went home (Aaron and Jilb had returned) and hung out with them for a little bit. Then Mike, Jilb, and I went to Family Video. While we were looking for a movie, we came across this. We couldn't just pass it up. We decided to scare everybody back home and rent it. We also got Raising Helen for when we were sick of the joke. Everything went as planned. They were all starring at us like we were insane. It was wonderful. Then about five minutes in, we finally caved. We couldn't take much more. We put in Raising Helen. Aaron said when we put it in, "Raising Helen seems like Citizan Cane after watching that." (Okay, so that was not an exact quote, yesterday was a long time ago, I can't remember that far.) John Corbett and BZ are our heros. We even made the eggs. We had fried ice cream. They played Scene it. Then we (everyone except the parents) suffered through the movie. Then I went to bed.

Today I woke up. Aaron and Jilb had left. Now I'm posting. Now we're watching previews for crappy sequels. Try to guess what movie I'm watching (I gave you a hint what studio made the movie by "previews for crappy sequels".)

tootles! :)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

He has a point you know.

The college boy/director was right. We do things just so we can blog about them.

My running gag: toy hungry (or toy starving, which ever one you prefer). My parents and I went to Duluth today. I got a lot of teenage stuff. You know, I got a new shirt (inspiration: it looks like one of Mike's. I like getting things that look like his just to annoy him.) I got a dress and accessories for Prom Alt: Hollywood Nights.

But then, I also got this.

The Increda-ball. It's so magnificant.

I'll add it to the rest...

tootles! :)