Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I absolutely, positively know what happened in the month of March. And it still is March! Someone should give me a present. Or make me some waffles.

Anyways. You know there is March madness, well there is also a form of March madness for choir. It was craziness last week. On Wednesday, there was choir contest in Grand Rapids. My choir was not prepared, at all. But we still pulled it off and got a Superior rating (which is the best if you haven't heard). One judge even gave us a perfect score!

Then on Saturday, it was solo and ensemble contest. That was whole bunches of fun. It was held in Duluth. We had to leave at 6:30 in the morning. That was whole oodles of fun. Many people were sleeping, so we took pictures of them. One kid was even sleeping in the middle of the aisle on the bus. It was really funny.

Anyways, we got to UMD and my trio was first up at 9:00. The judge wasn't there yet, and we did our warm ups and we needed to burn a few minutes. So I sat down at the piano and played and sang anything that came to mind while the other two in my group danced around the room. Then Mrs. Stoddard came sprinting into the room (she was warming up with another group) and sat down at the piano. We warmed up a little more, and then the judge came in. We sang our little song ("The Violet", not that any of you know the song), and we thought we did well. The most hilarious thing about it was, the judge said that our second soprano wasn't loud enough (it wasn't me, I am the alto). The judge must have had hearing problems cuz she is the loudest one of the bunch. Singing and just talking. She's in Speech, so she talks a lot. That is not a stereotype.

So we were really hyper. We had changed into our Northern Lights outfits for our trio performance, cuz we thought it would be nice to be matching. So we were still wearing our Northern Light's dresses, but we had to keep them on because the N.L. hadn't performed yet. So we were just skipping everywhere because we were so relieved that our song was done. We really didn't care how the N.L. did as long as the trio went well. So we were pretty much care free at that moment. We went around and wished the other groups from our school good luck. Then we ran into a group that contained a good friend of mine (star player of B.S.O.E.). They were about to perform, so the trio decided we were going to go watch them. But on our way to the room, my friend Rachel (the second soprano), leaned over and asked me, "Hey, isn't that your friend Ian?" And by golly it was. He is from Grand Rapids and I hadn't talked to him for a long time. I wanted to talk to him at large group contest, but there wasn't any time. So I ran over there and hugged that kid. He kind of looked like a deer in the headlights when I was on my way over. So, we sat there and talked for a while, and he looked like he wanted to run away, but I wouldn't let him. Then he introduced me to his friends Bob and Gabe. Bob tried to use the force on his lunchbag, but it didn't work. I told him I knew how that felt. Then, it was time for the Northern Lights to warm up.

We warmed up and it seemed like it was gonna be crap. We had fun dancing though. After the warm up we heard that we could go downstairs to see our score from earlier in the day. My trio got a Superior. Booya!

Then it was time for the Northern Lights to perform. I thought we did just all right. We sang a song called "Trickle Trickle", and we also sang "Everything I Own" by Bread. Only it was arranged chorally by some other guy.

After our performance we got changed and went on the bus. We all waited in anticipation for Mrs. Stoddard to get there and tell us what the Northern Lights got. It seemed like she was still in the school for like an hour. It was killing me. Finally, we saw her walking towards the bus. She seemed happy. She said that she was able to get all but one score (no it wasn't the Northern Light's score), and someone would bring it to Hibbing someother time or something. She said she was gonna pass around the folder with all the scores in it to see what we got. We weren't having any of that. My friend yelled out, "What did the Northern Lights get?!" Then she told us we got a Superior. Sigh of relief from all.

We went to the Miller Hill Mall on our way back. I was gonna get real food, but then my friend informed me that she had never been to the following stores: Aeorpastle, American Eagle, and probably a lot of other ones, but those are the two she told me. So we had to go at least to those two stores. By the time we got to American Eagle, we didn't have a lot of time left so we headed back to the food court. I felt like I only had time to get something from the DQ. So, I got an Oreo Cheesquake Blizzard. I know you all desparately wanted to know that. We went to the bus and sat there for like ten minutes and realized we probably could have gotten real food. Oh well.

The bus ride home was like whatever. Not very eventful. I got home, crashed on the couch, and gradually fell asleep.

What a great day.