Thursday, January 18, 2007


Mike, Andrew, and I have found that we can't go a few days without a Smallville fix. It has consumed us. Mike will give me a call and say he has a certain theme song running through his head. I've done the same to him. I think we have a problem. If you have seen the show, you know how addicting it is.
It all started with Mike receiving Smallville Season One for Christmas. That's a funny story. Mike never said he wanted it, but our mom said that she thought he did. I was really excited. I would always look at the Seasons whenever I was at Walmart or Best Buy. We started watching them with our cousin Lindsey. We couldn't pull away. We would stay up till four in the morning sometimes. Now, everyone who hasn't seen it is probably thinking I'm crazy. You would think differently if you had it. If you started watching the show, and had the power to watch the very next episode right after it, you would.
Here's the weird part, it's not even that good of show. It's not the kind of show where it leaves you hanging at the end of each episode. There's a little of that, but it's not to the point of lets say Lost or Prison Break. (Two other shows that we have become addicted to.) The thing was, during the first season, it was like a Saturday morning cartoon, with "Mutant teens", "Clark smiles", "Whitney hugs", and "Luthor helps." Then they must have gotten better writers, because there was an actual story in the second season.
We watched the entire first season within a couple of days. (It was within the time that Lindsey was staying with us. She saw the whole first season and cannot wait to visit so that she may see seasons two and three as well.) We just had to have the next seasons. So, my mom ordered Seasons two and three and would let me have them if I did a job for her. I finished my little job on the day they arrived. We finished Season two and are currently watching Season three. Bring on Seasons four and five :D
(Stupid Red Kryptonite Ring)
Somebody Save Me! (Can't kick the habit, just have to have it)

tootles! :)