Saturday, October 11, 2008

Homecoming Week 2008

Well it finally came (not that I was really anticipating it), my senior homecoming week. There's a really great word to describe this week- anticlimatic. From the death threats to the fact that this was my homecoming week, everything wasn't as exciting as it should have been. No harm befalled anybody on Friday (which is in fact a good thing), but the video was not good (that's all I'm gonna say about that) and the Northern Lights kind of sucked all the life out of the room. I liked the fact that the cheerleaders did Thriller for their dance, but some of them were kind of uncoordinated. The band was awesome, though. That was nice. And the guy who I voted for Homecoming King won. So, whatever. I didn't expect it to be much, and it wasn't.

But on the plus side, I had a blast dressing up this week. It was probably the best week for dressing up that I've participated in. Plus, I like being weird and homecoming week is a perfect outlet for that kind of behavior. Also, I didn't have to go to fifth and sixth hour at all on Friday and I got to sit in a room and eat pizza. Good trade off.

Here are some pictures:

Slob Day:

Pink slippers are simply a must have for this slob season.

Here's Brooke looking quite fashionable sporting the plaid look.

Messed up hair is the only way to go.

Crazy Day (my personal favorite):

Oh yeah. She didn't dress up for crazy day. I wonder why not...

Her hair makes her look like a poodle. For the senior electives or whatever, she got voted Best Hair. I really hope they took the picture for the yearbook on that day :D

We are vampires. -snarl-

We are the Queens.

I liked crazy day :D I may or may not have been very hyper and weird that day, just because I could.

My favoirte. The back of my head, bwhahaha.

Go Green Day (hehehehe):

I really like that green jacket, but I couldn't wear it for the whole day. That would have defeated the purpose of making the shirts....

Yes. Enough said.

Brooke's was a bit more extreme then mine.

But I did get a lot of glares because of the logo I was sporting (see next picture).

Yup, the oh so liberal students at Hibbing High School loved this one.

I had to put this picture of Rachel up. She looked so dang cute that day.

80's Day:

Ahh, watercolor. The class in which I do nothing. I look like I'm gonna cry.

California splatter!

We is from the 80's where the mullets roam free.

School Spirit Day:

Hahahahaha, and then Mr. Wolla walked by.

We think each other is cool. That's all that matters...

Lynda. She played the piano for the coronation. She paints her face a different way every year.

The pizza bribe. Tasty bribe.

That is a hideous couch.

Me and Rachel. This was definitely before the performance, because we're still smiling. I'm just kidding. I didn't really care how we did.

tootles! :)