Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm not weird, I'm gifted.

There are no words to describe last night. I hope this picture and video will say it for me.

tootles! :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Emma Lynn Starla Rainbow Reini

Emma Lynn Reini was born on June 14. We went to visit her yesterday.

Here's Li'l Emma.

Grandma Becky, Auntie Jenni, and Emma.

Jill, Emma, Aaron, Grandma Becky, Uncle Mike, Auntie Jenni, Uncle Andrew, and Grandpa Allan.

Congrats Aaron and Jill.
Welcome to the world Emma Lynn Reini.
tootles! :)

Happy Graduation.

I forgot to post this earlier. I was meaning to, but then I didn't. Happy Graduation Two Weeks Ago Andrew.

tootles! :)

My Birthday.

It was my birthday on June 12. Yeah. It was fun. We went swimming and stuff. Then we frosted cupcakes and stuff. Then we watched the Holiday and stuff. Yeah. It was fun.

The football player was my dad's idea. I wanted a ballerina.

Most of the cupcakes ended up in a little dog that I like to call Gina. (She thinks she's so sneaky except for the fact that she leaves candles and wrappers everywhere.)

That's everyone. Except for Brooke. She had to come later.

The cards were really great this year. I liked all of them a lot. But I have to say that Aaron and the Jilb win again. The fam came in a close second though.

And the Jones is delicious.

tootles! :)

Prom Alt. 2007: Carib Royale

Prom Alt. was actually back in May. I've decided to post anyways. I don't have many pictures, not many at all. But, because Brooke asked me to, I'm going to put a couple up. Okay? Okay.
Before going.
Admiring flowers.
Walking a dog.
And doing the limbo.
tootles! :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

It's Summer

I know that technically it isn't summer until later this month, but for my purposes, it is definitely summer.

It hardly feels like school is done until fall. It feels like i should be going back on Monday. This just feels like a nice long weekend. I'm sure come monday it'll be a different feeling.

I give a sigh of relief. No more getting frustrated with the Sopranos in choir. No more taking tests that Harv says will be easy, but are truely hard (and vice versa.) No more doing long packets for World History. NO more wondering if I'll get the 'A' in English. No more wondering if they'll have the green granny smith apples that I like during lunch. No more trying to stay awake while we take notes in Biology. No more listening portions on Spanish tests. No more...until next year. But next year, there'll be different classes and different problems. New things to love and hate.

tootles! :)