Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy B-day

(set to the tune of Happy Birthday, only sang in five different keys at the same time and always flat)
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Andew
Happy Birthday to you!

And Andew is not a miss spelling. You can even replace it with Doogie if you want. Happy Biddaday Andew!

Okay, the above song was definetly not sung by the HHS choir. That's just my family being stupid. If the HHS choir was seriously going to sing that song, it wouldn't be in five different keys, it would be five different parts in perfect harmony. I just thought i would put a couple of pics of Andrew up, if that's aight with you :D

He's a singing guy, mostly Beatles...

He's the second one, for those you cannot tell (I can't see how you can't tell) He finds things quite funny. His laugh rings through floor boards when Aaron is around. At the moment we're laughing at something that Mike is doing (or reading or observing) That's not the point...

Our parents like to torture us..

Andrew is a dance maniac! (I know this post is about him, but I look really weird in that picture. I'm just saying that because the picture (light image) is mostly focused on me. So yeah.) He's serious about dancing, as you can see by the bb2 shirt and the sweats...

He's a working person. He's also a gamer...

That is my high class brother. That's the other side you don't see from him. He's not all suits and champagne.
*Andrew does not drink champagne, that is only sparkling water

Happy B-day Doogie.

tootles! :)

I dreamt of falling gorillas last night...

tootles ! :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just Desserts

For the past few weeks Chelsea, Pope, Brooke, Natalie, and I were practicing for the play Just Desserts. It was for a Dinner theature that was held on Saturday night. It was fun, but I'm glad it's over. :D If you want pictures go here...
I would also like to say thank you to everyone else who made it possible. The cooks (definelty) the servers, and Mike (for hair and clues) Amber (for clues) and Dave for the umm...light stuff.

tootles! :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some questions

How do you put a Giraffe in a refrigerator?

How do you put an Elephant in a refrigerator?

There is a big gathering of animals. All the animals in the animal kingdom are supposed to attend. Which one doesn't?

There's a river that has alligators and crocodiles living there. How do you get across?

tootles! :)

Friday, March 17, 2006


Changes are hard. They can be exciting. Nuff said.

On a different subject, I got toy starving the other day. So, I got toys.

It was funny. There was this lady who mistook me for a college student, and right after I was done talking to her, I went over to the toy section and picked up the blond with pink highlights and went over and talked to my mom about getting it. I know, I'm weird, but I always wanted another doll to go with the brown haired one. I know, I'm weird. I just thought I'd say that again. I just get toy starving sometimes.

I've decided to keep going with the random picture thing. That was fun. I like looking at pictures on blogs and clicking on links on people's blogs. It's a lot more fun that way. I would think that you all, I refuse to make the overdone joke of two readers (even though that seems to be all I have), would rather click on things and look at pictures instead of reading my ramblings. Like I'm doing now. Dang it. OH well.

A few of us (Brittany, Jess, Sydney, Brock, Brooke, Amber, Nick, Mark, Liz, and I) went bowling. Here are some pictures...
Here's a pic of (going clock wise around the table) Brock, Nick, Jess and Britt.

Amber and Britt :D


Haha, Jess, Amber, Britt, and Syd. Brooke is behind Amber.

Liz and Brooke.

Brooke and I look nice, but Nick is weird...

Random Picture:

tootles! :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

WR06: Driven Day 3

ah...The Final Day. Nothing much to say about the final day. So I won't delay. Here are some pictures that i might have something to say (something about...)

This is my brother Mike and I after loading our crap into the van. We noticed that we were both wearing some stuff we got from AEO, so we thought we'd take a picture.

While the girls and I were cleaning up the room, I thought I would take a picture of our door. We stayed in room 9...

and I guess it rocked.

I went outside for one last look at calvin and hobbes. I guess the snow got to them.

I guess someone really didn't like the snowman. So they dismantled him and scattered him around. It was a very grotesque sight.

I decided to look away from the snowman and saw that next to the grotesque sight was a very beautiful one. So I took a picture.

Then at service they announced the broom ball champions (us) and the dodgeball and snow sculpture champions (that really was us...) Here's a picture of the broomball team. The thing that we "officially" won. All the rest we did too, but they wanted the other churches to have some sort of gratification for even paricipating. They all couldn't bare to watch Hibbing take all three divisions (even though we did) Intense cometition, more-intense competition (you can pick which one is dodgeball and which one is broomball) and the artistic division.

Here's a picture of the dodgeball team from Hibbing. Not at all a good picture. And no, the girl in the white hoodie wasn't on the dodgeball team. I don't even know who she is. curses.

All in all it was a great time, and God really moved in a lot of people. And Hibbing really did win all the contests. We're just greedy that way. But honestly, ask anybody, we did.

tootles! :)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

WR06: Driven Day 2-3

Okay, the reason it's 2-3 is because I'm not sure exactly when I took some of the pictures. So all these pictures were taken between March 4 at around 11 pm and March 5 around 2 am. I just wanted to clear that up. That time is a good time.
It's a time to be weird.
-Jenn (me)
Here's what you do on the last night of WR at around 11 to 2

I take weird pictures of things.

Mike does hair...

and takes my camera to see the next picture, and then takes a picture of me walking over to him wanting it back.

Here's the picture that I took that Mike wanted to see. I almost died of laughter when I saw this. Everyone was just sitting there having a nice little conversation, and then, out of no where, Brooke and I burst out laughing really loud. Everyone stared. It was fun.

Than after I get the camera back, I take another picture of "the metal man."

Then I took a picture of Mike's feet. (see the pictures are getting weirder)

Then I took a picture of mine and brooke's feet...

Then I got bored of taking pictures of feet, so I took a picture of steph h.

Back to the feet (PA's this time)

Ahhh, nothing like a caffeine free Diet coke...

Time to take a picture of the fire...

Taking pictures of people at tables (some of the people I don't even know)

Then taking pictures of people at tables that I do know (just to annoy)

At Pastor Aaron's request... The Metal Man

Yeah, I have a feeling that that sword is gonna stab someone in the head... (notice, another picture of The Metal Man)

Mike and I were going through piano withdrawal. Then came that special moment when no one was in the sanctuary so we ran as fast as we could before one of those guitar players could get there. Brooke came along too.

I decided to take a picture of the chapel, even though no one was there. I thought it was interesting since I'm usually not in there when no one else is.

Finally we got to our room. We stayed up at least another hour when we got there. There's Natalie being cute :)

The girls...trying to hide...

Steph H. is such a graceful photographee (as in she doesn't hide when someone wants a pictures.) I have no idea what Brittany is doing...

And there's Chelsea.

tootles :)

Oh, and here's the picture of Phil Zarns. I can't remember what he's looking at. I just know that it's around the time that Chris was telling him about not wanting to go on the plane to Thailand. Yeah, haha, you guys had to wait for a picture that wasn't that great in the first place :D

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

WR06: Driven Day 2 (the service)

Yeah. It was kind of psycho after the service. I'm going to put some pics of the service now. There's not that many though...

This is the worship team. They're from Hermantown. The worship leader was Amos. He did a spectacular job. I really liked on the last night when it was just him singing and playing the piano. It was so calm. Yeah.

There's Brooke. Nuff said. "We used to be like this, now we're like this..."

There's some of the guys.

There's the Pearson sistas Kari and Natalie :D

There's Pastor Aaron, doing what he does...

There's Mike just, umm...standing there.

There's Nate and Mark. "I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot the depu...............................................................................teeeeeeeeeeee!

Ahh, those who read mine and Brooke's blogs are so confused right now. It's a great feeling :D

tootles! :)

Oh, and I lied again. Phil Zarns on the next post...