Friday, July 15, 2005

Mike's home

Well, we went and picked up my mom. On the way down to Minneapolis, i listened to Adventures in Odessey (I still don't know how to spell it) We went through the drive-thru of McDonald's in Cloquet. When we finally got to Minneapolis, we realized that my dad booked two hotel rooms at the Travelodge, it turned out that there was only one bed in each room. And the rooms smelt funny. I think the only thing we really payed for was the TV.

We didn't want to spend much time in the hotel, so, we went to Mall of America. It was nine o' clock. We didn't kmow when it closed. We found out it closes at 9:30. So we walked around for about ten minutes, then left. Our new quest (so we wouldn't have to go back to the hotel) was to find some cards so that we could do something at the airport while we waited for Mike. We went to a gas station. They didn't have any. So, we just decided to go to Wal*Mart. We walked around there for a while. We found some cards, and we got some air freshener spray things for our rooms. That got us to 10:30. His plane was supposed to come in at 11:14. And it did.

We stood by the doors that were next to the baggage claim. When we saw Mike, I could hardly recognize him. Then again, i didn't have my glasses on. I wouldn't have been really able to tell, even if he looked exactly how he did when he left. The first thing i said to him was that our hotel was bad. On the way home, we just talked. He looked at the movies that i brought. When we got back to the hotel room, he gave us the stuff that he picked up for us in Australia. I got a shirt. I really nice shirt. I like it. Our parents were in one room. The four of us were in the other. The four of us talked until two in the morning. We got like six hours of sleep.

Then our parents woke us up and had us get ready to go. We then went to Mall of America, again. This time we only had 40 minutes or so to look around. I got some shoes for Aaron and the Jilb's wedding. Then we went to Chipotle. We were the first ones in. Aaron had a dentist appointment at like three, so everything had to be quick. So, we didn't want to wait in line. I had a chicken fajita. It was good. Except I got some of it on my new shirt from Mike. I was very sad. We watched Finding Neverland on the way home. After the movie was done we just talked. That was pretty much it. There's my story of picking up Mike.

The next day we had a staff family day. It was a lot of fun. Jess and I played with Lauren and Jacob in the water. It's more fun than it sounds. They are both really funny. Nothing really to report. Except that me and jess went tubing. First it was Jess's mom, and my mom. They were hilarious. Then we went on. It was so much fun. Jess fell off a few times, but she fell off for important reasons. Then Jess rode with Brittany, and then i rode with Brittany. That was pretty much it for the time at the lake. Except stretch the playing in the water our to seven hours.

Then when we got back, Mike made us burgers on the grill. I watched some of Miss Congeniality (i still don't know how to spell) and ate my burger. Then i went over to the Williamson's. The Pearson kids were also over there. Jess, Natalie, and I watched Gilmore Girls. Then Mr. Pearson took me home. I came home, and Aaron, Andrew, and I watched Conan' O Brien. Then i went to bed.

Now here I am. lalalala

tootles! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenni I loved going tubing and stuff with you! I hope you had fun. I am glad Mike is home safe and sound.
God Bless

Shainerz said...

"Our room is bad" was the first thing you said? haha you're hilarious. :P I'm glad you had fun in the cities and tubing/swimming for long hours! I loved the shirt you were wearing on Wednesday!! (I'm assuming that's the one Mike bought you)