Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prom Alt and other things

As always, it's been a long month, so I cannot exactly remember what I have done. But I do know that Prom Alt took place! For those who don't know what Prom Alt is (I know everyone who reads this blog knows what Prom Alt is, but I felt like explaining it), it is a place to have a crazy awesome time. It is not protesting Prom in anyway. Well, maybe it is protesting the select group of Prom goers who do stupid, dumb butt things after Prom is over.
Anyways, it is really an excuse to get all dressed up and have the leaders see how many different ways they can embarrass us. Let me explain. Every year, they just HAVE to take us bowling. So there we are, most of the girls in full length dresses, trying to bowl. I love it. (I might just be saying that because I broke 100, and usually that doesn't happen. And I was wearing a full length dress too, booya!)

We aren't protesting Prom, but I do think Prom Alt is a whole bunch more fun than Prom is. You are saying to yourself, how do you know? You haven't gone to prom. You go to Prom Alt every year. All that is very true, but I did talk to my friends who did go to Prom. Now lets see what you would rather do. Would you rather (Would Hugh Rather) sit in line for two hours waiting to take your picture, or be on the Tilt-a-whirl having a ball? Spinning isn't your thing? Well, how bout this. Would you rather be waiting in another line for two hours waiting to go on the Grand March, or run through the dark with a laser gun and shoot your bestest friends? Laser tag isn't or thing either, huh? I have another one for you. Would you rather spend a good amount of money where dinner and such is not even included, or pay a good amount of money, but dinner, a whole bunch of other stuff, and COLDSTONE is included. Well, there you have it.

Now for some pictures:

Brooke and Nate. Aren't they cute?

Mark, quit talking to the ketchup. It's not that intelligent.

Brookie and I. She's so purdy.

Yentle/Sheldon/Kari and me.

Brooke, Liz, and I decided a while ago that we would all wear our bridesmaid dresses to Prom Alt. And we did. We should have taken the picture Charlie's Angels style, but we forgot.

Me and my brother. He's good people. He did my hair real nice.

The Plutes. Thanks for putting on a great night!

And I just really wanted to put a picture of Amber Shain on here. I love that woman. She is the absolute best!

The other things:

The other things is really just a trip down to the cities to visit our friends at NCU. I only have four pictures and brief explanations. Here goes:

The beautiful Miss Melanie Plute let us crash in her dorm. Isn't she nice?

Micah and Josh Steen (not Dean, lol). Micah we had met previous to our trip, but Josh we met on this trip. His parents were missionaries in Spain, so he knows Spanish. Say quesadilla.

Micah leaving messages on Matt Hagsten's phone while he was at work. One of the messages was from a creepy uncle, another was a gay boy named Robbie from Vancouver, and the third was a call from the Govenator. I know, the last one doesn't seem very original, but it was freaking hilarious. I don't care what you say. I forgot my number, but I think it is 866-52Schwarzenegger. It doesn't get any better than that.

Here we are. The crazy Hibbingites that the people at NCU try to ignore but just can't. Well, except Molly. She's the one taking the picture. And Jason doesn't count cuz he goes to the U of M. So, he's there all the time. But yes, Mike, Brooke, and I. We're crazy....
tootles! :)


Jilb said...

Gosh, I was going to write something fabulous but now I can't remember.

It looks like you had a great time at Prom Alt. I went to prom one year and it wasn't that great. Prom Alt looks a lot more awesomer!

And I'm glad you guys had a great time in the cities. Gotta love friends!

[ brooke ] said...

I'm pretty sure his Governator worship songs and his SCHWARZENEGGER IS COMING TO TOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN were tied for first, if not better than the phone number thing, but I'm surprised I didn't die of laughter, because that is the only time in my life that I actually feared I would laugh myself to death due to lack of air.
Oh man. We could put up a pillow line... It don't matter, I won't tell nobody... We are related....

Robbie from Vancouver. Man. :)