Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Connect: Sr. High Camp 2 '07

Okay, there's a big empty space here. So I'm filling it.
I'm filling it with Lop De Gross. This pretty much took up most of free time. A bunch of guys jumping on top of each other. And a bunch of girls watching them. And in Brooke's case, taking pictures of them.

MY WORD! There is something seriously wrong. There's another big space that I can't get rid of. AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Simon Cowell is someone who is definitely blessed with the joy of the Lord.

Terrific. Camp was the bomb. I loved it. I love it every year, yes, but I loved it again this year. It might have been the best camp ever. And guess what, we made it to Friday this year! Woo!

Picture time :D

The topic of most conversations at the beginning of camp. What the heck is he doing. We found out that he is going to hold a welcome sign.

The peoples in the chapel. Probably playing BS.

Mine and Brooke's knitting students. "Congradulations. World's Best Cup of Coffee...hi."

Hey look, there's Mark, Andrew, Anthony, and Brandon.

Some of my peeps eating breakfast.
Brooke and I taking a picture instead of picking up trash.

Traditional pic before leaving.

tootles! :)

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