Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy B-day

(set to the tune of Happy Birthday, only sang in five different keys at the same time and always flat)
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Andew
Happy Birthday to you!

And Andew is not a miss spelling. You can even replace it with Doogie if you want. Happy Biddaday Andew!

Okay, the above song was definetly not sung by the HHS choir. That's just my family being stupid. If the HHS choir was seriously going to sing that song, it wouldn't be in five different keys, it would be five different parts in perfect harmony. I just thought i would put a couple of pics of Andrew up, if that's aight with you :D

He's a singing guy, mostly Beatles...

He's the second one, for those you cannot tell (I can't see how you can't tell) He finds things quite funny. His laugh rings through floor boards when Aaron is around. At the moment we're laughing at something that Mike is doing (or reading or observing) That's not the point...

Our parents like to torture us..

Andrew is a dance maniac! (I know this post is about him, but I look really weird in that picture. I'm just saying that because the picture (light image) is mostly focused on me. So yeah.) He's serious about dancing, as you can see by the bb2 shirt and the sweats...

He's a working person. He's also a gamer...

That is my high class brother. That's the other side you don't see from him. He's not all suits and champagne.
*Andrew does not drink champagne, that is only sparkling water

Happy B-day Doogie.

tootles! :)


Shainerz said...

Happy belated birthday, Andrew!
Hope your day was fun. =)
1 more year til adulthood!

the devine one said...

He IS a dance maniac!

I totally do that at most birthday parties I go to, too. I wish I was there to see you guys sing. I can just picture it. HA!

Happy belated birthday, Doogie!

SuperStar said...

AWWW happy belated Dewgs!Jenny, That was a most entertaining post!
Love you lots!
Have a good one!